Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Developmental Update: Brought To You Buy the Letter "O"

In the past two months, Ellie has blossomed and so much so that many people have commented on the progress she has made.  I wish that I could take credit, but it truly is all Ellie Bear.

She looks all sweet and innocent, but she has spunk.

Just think of everything I could get done or create if I had one quarter of Ellie's motivation, energy, and drive to explore new ideas & activities.


Length 32.25 inches
Weight 22 pounds

Ellie grew ~ 3 inches in the past 6 months (75-90% Ds, 15% typical chart)
Ellie gained 2 pounds in the past 6 months (50% Ds, 3-5% typical chart)

Spit up down to twice a day :)  No dietary or medication changes.  We theorize that her huge growth spurt greater more room and therefore less pressure in her digestive tract.  

Ellie has new words!  "Oooh" or "Eww" for shoes & go.  "O" (long O" for go).   She is also now trying to sign "water" and "sandwich".  Although it all looks like a slight variation of "eat' to me!

My little Elles Belles has started to complete my sentences with a sign.  Every night as a part of our routine we read a bedtime story.  I say "Ellie, let's go read a book.". Lately, I say "Ellie, let's go read____" and she signs book!  

The chunky chicken talks up a storm. No lie.  She talks A LOT.  Like her mother!  However, I have no clue what she is saying.  It is full on jargon (is that the correct word my dear speech pathology friends???).  She rattles off a bunch of words that are unique to the language of Ellie-ville.  There is intonation in her string of babble as though though she is carrying on this great conversation.  It is especially evident when she "speaks" to herself in the mirror.

See the Social Interaction for giving commands to Ellie so that she understands what is expected.

Sometime you just have to kiss yourself.
Mirror: Ugly, but non-breakable from IKEA

Social Interaction /  Play:
Pretend play is starting to emerge.  All of her animals are "fed" using one of her square nesting cubes.  Did you know the nesting cups are drinking cups?  She also has conversations with her stuffed puppy (Build A Bear).

Conversations with a Puppy: Huh? Woof-Woof, you look just like Sophie Dog.

For the longest time, Ellie would sit quietly or go quickly to and fro like a ball in a pin-ball machine.  She would rarely acknowledge that other children were around her.  She would ignore them when a toy is stolen from her.  Now we have an assertive little bearity-bear.  If a child is just sitting on the steps to a slide, she maneuvers her way past them so that she may go down the slide.  

Parallel play is still seen and is developmentally appropriate at this stage.  She also seems to think it is great fun to put the spaghetti strainer on my Godson's head.  It is a hat!

Here Grant.  Put this strainer on your head.  You will be so handsome and all of the ladies will flock to you.

Ellie now shows interest in what other children are playing with and she tries to play next to them. The other day, she tried to take turns with 2 year-old Grace in places the rings on a stacker.  Whoot whoot!

Finally, my daughter eats off of a plate.  Most of the time.  Make that, some of the time.  In the land-of-Ellie not throwing and flinging is a big milestone.  We say "Ellie sit in chair", "Ellie, food on plate.", and "plate on table".  Notice that each command is 1. short and 2. specific.  What I mean is, I do not just say "come here", "sit here" or "set plate down" because that is too abstract for her.  Where is here?  What is down?  It has taken me 2 years to figure this out, but I figure better late than never.  Keep it simple.  Keep it specific.

Gross & Fine Motor:
The Chunky Chicken climbs and with reckless abandon.  She climbs and crashes objects.  Some of this is typical toddler behavior and some of it is motor seeking.  That is another post related to SPD.

Yes. Yes.  It is a good idea to balance myself on this shaky, wheeled-toy to get onto the swirly, wheeled chair.

Her little fingers can manipulate the small on-off buttons on many toys and she can practically open doors.  We had to get door locks to keep Ellie inside and to prevent the furbabies from escaping.  Ellie is also excellent at removing those pesky outlet covers (all brands too as we have tried many).  

She still is not pointing which I believe it holding back some of her signing, but she is taping at objects purposefully--ie pointing with all fingers minus the thumb.  This is BIG progress from throwing or grabbing.  

I am so proud of my Ellie Bear. 

I just love Signing Time! and my blocks.  In fact, I want to sleep with my blocks, bringing carry them around the house, and go to the store with them.  (Kohl's Nesting Cups  = the best $5 ever spent)


  1. Love all that you are doing, EllieBear!!! Congratulations!!! We love you!

  2. Wow, she's doing awesome!!!! Love to hear all of this, too. :-) She removes the outlet covers? Whoa. hehehe

  3. Go Ellie Go! You are an awesome little girl doing awesome things!

  4. Claire is a talker too. Complete with pointing and hand gestures. I can't wait to know what she is actually saying. :)

    Glad that the growth spurt helped with the spitting!


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