Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spreading the Bear Love: Vote for Ellie

Oh yes, I am always trying to get you all to vote for The Chronicles.

Right now we are sitting at #17 on Top Mommy Blogs under the Special Needs section.

We are hanging steady at #23 on Parent's Magazine Top Special Needs Blogs.  Their site seems to crash alot so please be patient.  Grrrr.

She is climbing through the coffee table to get to Amelie kitty.

Why do I ask for your support?  Eh, it is me wanting the popularity that I never received in high school, middle school, or even elementary school.

Seriously, I want people to not be afraid of raising a child with Down syndrome . Or living with a husband who destroys the house, I mean does DIY home improvements.  I also enjoy sharing tips on incorporating sensory integration.  Not to mention, so many families are working hard to adopt children with special needs from Eastern Europe.  The more people who read this blog, the higher the chance is that someone (or lots of someones) will contribute to their funds spread the word. Plus, I just really want to share the Bear's cuteness with all of you. So there you have it.



  1. I must be really stupid, but I can't figure out how to vote for blogs on that site. I also can't figure out why the button they gave me doesn't seem to do anything to vote for my site on their site. I also don't know how to add my listing to the special needs blog list.


    If you help me, I can vote for you!

  2. I've been a slacker the last couple of days, but just got caught up on Ellie. I'm still giggling over the self-feeding tutorial. Holy cow!!!! I hope Miss Ellie Bellie Bear has a fantabulous 2nd birthday.

    Hugs and Love from Auntie Cathy and Lily!!


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