Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ian's Benefit: September 10th

For those of us who are raising children with special needs, you know that there is a sense of community.  We build friendships.  We cheer when one of our kids does something spectacular.  We laugh at our kiddos' antics.  We also support each other in a time of need.

Many of you who read this blog are also are huge part of my "community" on Facebook and I am forever thankful that you are all in my life!  I am also thankful to the  The Chronicles' readers and for all of the support and comments you have made as you faithfully follow me stumbling through mommy-hood. 

One of our community families needs our support.  The Klipple family is a local Austinite family who I actually met through a round-a-bout way on FB.  Yes, we started as a cyber friendship and I am happy to say that it has turned into phone calls and in-person gatherings kind of friendship.  However, the first time I met their little boy, was during a visit to the intensive-care unit [ICU].


Eight weeks ago, I received news that Ashley's little boy, Ian was admitted to the ICU at Dell Children's in critical condition due to a staph infection.  Many of you have heard about the horrors of staph.  Imagine a beautiful little boy, rocking those 47 chromosomes undergoing treatments no child should even have to go through.  Imagine a mother having to witness her child going through this torture when the only thing she can do is stand by his side while the doctors and nurses do their work.  EIGHT weeks.  The staph spread to many areas and caused damage to a portion of his spinal column.  While he has fought and won the battle against the staph, he is not left without battle scars.  After an 11 hour surgical procedure, rods and screws were inserted into his back to protect his spine.  Pieces of vertebrae were removed.  His lungs are continuing to heal.  Ian is still in the hospital.  Ian just celebrated his very 1st birthday in a hospital bed. No child should have to go through this.  No parent should have to witness this.  

Now imagine on top of that, the medical bill.

I would like to share with you, my community, this flyer .  It is a benefit, sponsored by family friends to help out the Klipple Family.  If possible, consider attending the benefit on Saturday September 10th.  I know many of you are not local so please consider spreading the word.  As I always say, every little bit counts.

Location: The Motley Menagerie Tea Room at 602 West Center Street; Kyle, Texas 78640

Donations:  Address to Ian, Ashley, or David Klipple
P.O. Box 150361
Austin, TX 78715


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