Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Labor Day! Many Faces of Ellie

Ellie would like to wish everyone a very happy, stress-free, and safe Labor Day!

Ellie is sitting up here where it is much cooler.
(she is also rolling her eyes at me-"More pictures?!")

Ellie is pruning the only live plant we have in our yard.

What is this GREEN thing in our yard?  Everything around us is brown.
If you would like to, please send us some RAIN.

Me thinks Ellie doesn't even know what rain looks like.

Ugh!  These 100+ degree days are really getting to us.  Ellie needs the blankie to cool off.

Of course, she MUST talk off her shoes.  She is a Bare Foot Bear

There she goes!   Someone told her it will only be in the upper 90s this week.

Tell me what you all did for Labor Day!  I would love to hear :)

In case you missed this photo earlier this week. . .



  1. We just had Liddy Bug's re-birthday party (so it was a little late...about two months!). So much fun to get together with family an friends, eat good food, chit chat, and celebrate a brand new life for my baby girl! So looking forward to doing this EVERY year...from now until forever! :)
    PS Ellie is pretty much gorgeous! :)

  2. I love hearing about and seeing photos of Ellie Bellie Bear. I swear, I can just stare at her forever. Such a beauty. PS I have claimed her as Julian's girlfriend now. They are getting married. OK? Ok. deal. I took a 5 day staycation (took Friday and tomorrow off work) and did fun things like go shopping for cute baby clothes for some twin boys a friend is having later this year, get my car detailed inside and out (yay!), practice walking with little Julian who is now pushing his walker toy!! (he is 15 months old). And just general relaxation doing little things and relaxing and doing nothing and everything all at the same time! Oh and we cleaned our fridge too. It is nice. Hope you guys are doing well! PS I am WAYYY overdue for a blog post. It has been a month!! GASP.

  3. Ooh, I just love reading about your Labor Day! I am having to live through you ladies :) Rock on Julian pushing that walker toy :) Heidi, celebrate the birth of Liddy Bug everyday!

  4. Ellie is gorgeous!! We live in Austin too - just saw a link of your blog from the Parents special needs blogs list. Gorgeous blog. :)


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