Thursday, September 8, 2011

Forget Me Not Friday: The Big Push & HUGE give away

*Note: this is a different Andriy than the little boy with Ds that I blogged about the last time.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.  These measures are in the form of a HUGE and I mean HUGE fundraiser to bring home Andriy for the Burlingham Family.

The Burlingham Family will be traveling in less than 30 days, as in less than a month, and they need nearly $14,000 to ransome 5 year-old Andriy.  Yes, that is the correct number of zeroes you are seeing there.  I know you are feeling pretty tapped out, but I beg you to at least look at this awesome give away.  Plus, the first $500 raised will be doubled by a very generous donor!

Now, I know some of you want an iPad or an autographed 1998 Jeff Gordon diecast car (okay, I admit that I do not know who he is, but I imagine Andrew does!) and the same with the signed football by Kenny Chesney.  How about a Barnes & Noble Nook and/or Kindle (yes, they have both!) to read those juicy romance novels or book club books on?  Need to get away, how about some gift cards to different fancy country clubs?  Seriously, is this not the biggest give away ever?  Just $10 = 1 chance.

Here is some information on Andriy as per Reece's Rainbow: Boy, Born November 24, 2006
Andriy is an active, happy little boy with blonde hair and blue eyes.   He is already 4 years old and needs a family quickly!   He was born prematurely, blind as a result.  He does seem to have some vision in his right eye, but his left has a full cataract.   He is very active, able to walk and get around, sociable with his friends and caregivers.   He is mildly cognitively delayed due to his prematurity, but has so much potential in a loving family!  Possible FAS.
From his medical records:  microphthalmia in both eyes, retinopathy of prematurity in both eyes


Reminder that the month of September is Francine's Change for a Change.  Keep on collecting those pesky pennies because they add up!  

A few more links to my fellow families walking along the adoption road:

Shannon for the Sphak family.  Please read this post.  It just breaks my heart and I did cry when I saw the pictures of the institution.  They are hosting an orphan bracelet fundraiser.  

Shawna & Lindsey for the Eubanks Family.  Why does it cost so much?  Read here.  Carrie explained that from prenatal care to birth in the United States can cost $18,000-$24,000 without insurance.  It puts things into perspective and they are adopting two!  


Want to see something beautiful?  A family united with their daughter!
Aislinn's Family just experienced "Gotcha Day" with Anastasia and yes, I cried the happy tears.

Until Next Friday! 


  1. oh boy, that's a tight deadline for fundraising! i hope everybody going to visit now and take part! anna thankyou for linking xxxxxx

  2. Thank you so much for sharing!! I had no idea till Andrea G. sent me your link. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

    Jane, yes it is a super tight deadline. RR says there has never been a family that has not been able to travel because of money. I really don't want to be the first:(

  3. Oh Amanda, how could I NOT share! Thank Christie Taylor for she is the one who brought it to my attention. I imagine it must be so scary to be so close and not have nearly enough funds. Have faith! You WILL rescue Andriy!

    Jane, spread the word!


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