Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Zoom Zoom Beep Beep!-A New Sign

One of the interesting aspects about Ellie's communication with ASL [American Sign Language] is that she will mimic signs, but she may not use them appropriately.  What I mean is that she will sit at the dinner table and sign every single sign she knows until she gets what she wants.  She is clever in that she knows that if she signs, she gets something.  However, she may sign cracker and get angry when I give her a cracker.  She may sign berry and get frustrated when I give her a strawberry or raspberry.  Yes, she knows signs, but she does not always associate the sign with the correct word.

It is a process that is at times very challenging and nerve wracking.  It is learning new 2nd language for both of us. Communication is both receptive and expressive. Receptive = understanding what is said and expressive = saying what she means.

When Ellie "connects-the-dots" there is a huge celebration.  It is a huge triumph and there is a big happy dance.  Until two days ago, the only signs that Ellie would use consistently without prompting and for the correct object were "Daddy", "dog", and "book".  Yes, daddy trumps me.

As Ellie and I walked outside from an indoor play scape (hey, we are still in the triple digits so outdoors is hot hot hot!), she signed CAR and made the motor noise.  This is a HUGE HUGE HUGE step in communication.

Sign for Car:  Courtesy of www.babysignlanguage.com
Visit the link for more signs, flashcards, and charts

1. Car is a new sign
2. Ellie used the sign appropriately, unprompted
3. The Bear-Bear made a noise, a sound to go with her sign

Which leave me to say: " Super Bear!  Ta-da dadada!  Super Bear!  Ta-da dada! "

Here is Andrew making the car noise.  Of course Sophie Dog must be involved as well.

Ellie's Car uses MegaBlocks for fuel

The above photo has nothing to do with this post. . . Sleeping baby-toddlers are precious and I would LOVE to sleep this good.



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