Monday, September 12, 2011

Kicking Off Ellie's 2nd Birthday Week!

September 16, 2009 was the day a little squirmy bundle of cuteness and chubby cheeks changed our lives.  The day our daughter Ellie Marie Theurer aka Ellie Bellie Bear, Bear Bear, The Chunky Chicken, Chicka-A-Boom-Boom was born.

She used look like this:


Wah!  She looks like a big girl.  Where is my baby????

She used to look like this:

See that sweet look of innocence and crazy muppet hair.
And this:
There's that punk!

Now, like this:

Look at that hair!  The back is even longer.
This can mean only one thing. . . I am old.

Oh where has my baby gone?  Who is this full-blown toddler Bear?

A Year in Review:

Beary Special Birthday!
Ellie 12 months-old 

October 2010 / 13 months: Look at how short her hair was!
Obviously she was going to be a bear for Halloween.  This year--a chunky chicken. 

November 2010 /  14 months: The Chunky Turkey

December 2010 / 15 months: Bringing in the Holiday Bear Cheer
Clearly we were not in Texas with all that snow!

January 2011 / ~16 months: Yep, was sassy back then too.
Says "MAMA" :-)

February 2011 / nearly 17 months: almost walking!!!!!
Diva Alert!

March 2011 / 18 months going on 20 years

April 2011 / 19 months
No more oat allergy!  Bring on the pancakes :)

May 2011 / 20 Months

June 2011 / 21 months
Ellie Bug

"I Just LOVE Baby Signing Time!"

July 2011 / 22 months
Officially running, climbing, and giving mama bear heart attacks.
July-August 2011--My favorite photos ever.
Ellie is really possessive of those Converse shoes.

 Beginning of September 2011 / 23 months
Four words: dog, woof-woof, shoe ("oooh"), mama
Now climbing EVERYTHING.



  1. Happy birthday week, beautiful girl! (And Happy 2 year anniversary to you too, mama! Congrats!)

  2. She is about as cute as they come!!! I am in love with her crazy baby hair! She is just such a doll and I love the twinkle in her eyes all the time! By the way, chunky chicken may be my favorite nickname ever. :)

  3. Ellie is simply GORGEOUS! Happy beginning of 2nd birthday week!!! More wishes to come. We love you!!! Lily and Auntie Cathy

  4. She is absolutely perfectly adorable! Love the photo flash back. Happy almost second birthday Ellie!


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