Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/11 We Must Never Forget

I have no words of wisdom.  No words of wit.  What I do have is memory and a moment of silence for those who perished as the result of those attacks on our Nation 10 years ago.

I will never forget.

For all of the passengers on the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  For those on Flight 93.  For those victims in the Pentagon and the Twin Towers.  For the firefighters who so gallantly rushed in to save lives only to lose theirs and for our soldiers who have/are participating in the war on terror, your courage was amazing.  For all of their families.  May we never forget and may we teach our children.  May we never leave our loved ones without saying "I love you".


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  2. I am reflecting on those who lost their lives, the families that lost their cherished ones. I am also thinking of the first responders that survived, how they feel when so many of their comrades perished. How have they dealt with the guilt, the sorrow, the grief all these years later? What emotions come bubbling up to the surface on an anniversary date like this? Do the sounds of sirens and screams echo in their memories? Does the smell of smoke and dust choke back the grief that begins to rise from deep in their chest? Do they once again quench the damn of grief and love and sorrow and loss that may burst if they let even a tiny amount escape? I am praying for YOU, the hero that survived and still lives with the weight of the memories! God bless you all today

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    Cheryl Hanson retired first responder


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