Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Many Faces of Ellie: Autumn

For those of you who know me, I LOVE LOVE LOVE autumn.  I love Halloween.  I love the smell of leaves and pumpkins.  I love the changing of colors of the trees.  I love autumn. . . in the East coast or Midwest.  Texas is a strange state and I after living here for nearly 5 years, I still cannot get used to 80-90 degree days in October.  It is so strange.  Yes, some of the trees do not have leaves, but that is because of the horrible drought.

We finally got a cool front and that means 2 things: 1. we can wear long sleeves (only in the morning as it will still hit the mid-80s) and 2. there is a huge risk for wildfires.  Still, I have decided to enjoy this cool front by chugging gracefully sipping some pumpkin spice coffee (courtesy of Green Mountain Coffee) and taking Ellie out for a pre-pumpkin patch photo shoot.


To get this lovely smile, I had to put a mini pumpkin on my head. Oh the things I will do for a great photo.

See if you can spy the Sophie Puppy.

Oh my goodness!  A green, living plant!

"Look at my tonsils, mom!"

That's right!  I have roses blooming in late October.



  1. Cute photo shoot! Fall is my favorite too, but I mostly have to pretend here in California....or go up to the mountains...and I've had roses bloom in December :)

  2. I have a friend who moved from the Midwest to Texas...she is always complaining about the lack of fall and spring and the brutal summer heat.

    Beautiful pictures!


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