Thursday, October 6, 2011

Forget Me Not Friday: Ransoming Angels

Forget-Me-Not Friday is upon us and for those of you who are new, read up here.  This video shows why, every Friday I write about the children who living out their days in an orphanage or in an institution all because they possess that extra 21st chromosome or have another health condition that deems them "unworthy" of love and life with a family.

I always feel for the parents.  Imagine being told that your newborn daughter or son has Down syndrome or cerebral palsy or Aperts syndrome or HIV, or FAS.  Imagine the doctors and society telling you that it is best to give up your child and to place them into the care of strangers.   To allow your child to spend his or her days being "cared" for in an institution with other children "like" him or her.  They are told this is how things are done.  That they should give up their child.  This is what is expected.  This is what is acceptable.  This is how things used to be in the United States (and the USA still has a long way to go but that is a whole another post all together).


Today I am happy to announce that my dear nettie friend has her son!  Jadon (Andriy) is an orphan no more.  On Thursday, they went before court and now they are in process of getting Jadon's birth certificate.  An orphan no more!   Read about their journey here.


I am also happy that Josiah's forever family has found him.  They need a lot of help in raising funds to get him home and are hosting a series of give-aways.  Please help me get the word out and read about the Jobe's journey here.

Orphan's needing homes:








Finally, I have Francine's change.  I have gone to the bank twice only to find out that their change counter is broken.  The change is still set aside for Francine.  This month, I am collecting change for Josiah.  Please join me!


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  1. i love this post! we are so quick totalk about abandoned children whilst forgetting heartbroken parents whose dream came crashing down in a society that just does things so the economic crisis and lack of support that akes the institution the way to go!
    i am sure many many parents NEVER get over it!!
    to think that that was also the way in the uk within living history!
    ground force change is vital for all our prayers as are prayers for the parents alongside constant praying for loving families for the beautiful children paying the biggest price as the victims of this unnacceptable situation!

    change for francine...your darling!i too collected and found/stole $40 worth...anna i am going to buy you another 4 jigsaw pieces with it so that makes $60 worth with the 2pieces you brought!! so i a thrilled tosay you now have 11 entries in the draw!!!xxxxxx

    collecting along with you this month for josiah xxx

    come on everybody...join in! x


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