Thursday, October 20, 2011

31 to 21: Down Syndrome, What No One Tells You

Actually, I was not told a whole lot of anything with regards to Down syndrome other than to "go make an appointment with cardiology and contact early childhood intervention--here is the number for Travis county and ask them about Williamson country (where we live)", so here we go. . . Down Syndrome: What No One Tells You, But What You Wish You Knew.

No one told me that I would rejoice and do the happy dance when my 2-year-old daughter perfectly says and signs "more" and actually means that she wants more.  Correct word with the correct sign in the correct context.  Super Ellie!

Or that I would be proud of my daughter climbing onto the coffee table.  Gross motor skills and problem solving, baby!

Or that I would be insanely jealous of Ellie's flexibility.  Ooh, yoga toddlers! (I am also insanely jealous that she can pull off tights, tutus, and just about any other outfit.)

No one told me that in the midst of heart ache as I watch other children accomplish tasks that Ellie cannot do yet, that I would learn patience and learn to embrace our new, slow way of life.

Or that my daughter can charm the pants off of just about anyone.  That she changed people's views of Ds just by her sassy grin and her entertaining antics.

Or that I can and will learn a new language (American Sign Language) in my "old" age.

No one told me that I am a member in a club that I never wanted to be in, was afraid to be in, but am now happy to be a part of.  That I would "meet" so many wonderful people all because of that little something extra in Ellie's genetic material.

No one told me that how much I would love this little girl with every single fiber of my being and have this pure, unadulterated fear of ever having to spend my life without her.



  1. babe-if you want to rock the tutus and tights, I say go for it! I'll back you up....

  2. I added a new flag (Austria) :)
    Came over via the blog hop, your daughter is beautiful!

    Christina (Prince Vince)

  3. Thanks for being in the blog hop!
    I would have never found you are seen that beautiful face of Ellie! I'm now a follower and look forward to reading more.
    I really enjoyed this post. Esp the part about the "club". :)

  4. blog hopping! great post and beautiful daughter!

  5. Hoppin' by. She's adorable, and I do love your perspective in this post!

  6. Nathan does that same foot-to-the-head move All. The. Time. HOW do they DO that?!?!

    Love your fall colors! I've been reading Ellie Bear in Google reader lately so I'd missed your new look.

  7. Aww Ellie is so cute! I was so lucky to fall in with the right people right away who DID tell me all that stuff :) (ok maybe not the flexible part, but for sure the cute part)

  8. Glad I found you on the blog hop... what a darling little cutie you have :)

  9. Found you through the blog hop. She's such a cutie. I wish everyone with a newborn that has DS would be given your list :-)

  10. I love this!! It's so true, I never knew but now I do!! Ellie is adorable!!

  11. Ellie, as always, is stunning! Happy blog hop a couple days late!

  12. What a great post! Ellie is so cute! I am doing my blog hop extremely late as you can see (nowhere close to finished either), so I wanted to stop in and say hi. She and my Katie have mommas who love Gymboree too!


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