Friday, October 21, 2011

Forget Me Not Friday: Shannon and other Angels

I have written about this little girl before and I will continue to write about her until she is home, for good, with her forever family.


Shannon is a beautiful little girl who is already living in the mental institution.  Mental institutions are no place for a little girl with Ds to grow up in.  Shannon lost her biological family and then a previous adoptive family.  That is TWO families.  Now Shannon has a wonderful family, the Sphaks, who are coming for her.  They loved Shannon back when she was promised to the other family and they rejoiced when they were able to adopt her.

The Sphak family has had trouble fundraising.  They have hosted wonderful give aways only to have a handful of people donate.  Right now they are undergoing significant heartache on the home front and fundraising is just the tip one more thing to worry about.

Now, they are hosting a fantastic give away which includes an iPad 2 and jewelry.  Please please please head on over to their blog and help out!  If you cannot make monetary donations (yes, I know money is tight), then consider reposting their blog.  Just $10 gives you a change to win and $50 gives you 25!

Additionally, I am happy to announce that November's Change-For-A-Change will be Shannon!
Also, please remember that this month we are saving our change for Josiah.  Last month (September) I only raised $4.47 for Francine which I rounded up to $10.  I am hoping to save up another $10 in change for little Josiah and his forever family.

Here are some loves in desperate need of a home:











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  1. anna thankyou so much for posting about this lovely family and linking up. praying they have an amazing response xxxxx


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