Monday, October 31, 2011

Give Away Winner and Happy Halloween

This chunky chicken (yes, I know it is technically a duck costume, but I like to think her chunky chicken cape says otherwise ;)  would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween!

The winner the "I Love You Through & Through" book is Andrea

andrea said...

I love all of Max Lucado's children's books... I think my favourite is "Just the Way You Are".

Andrea, please email me your mailing address at

Super Ellie.  Chunky Chicken to the rescue!

Anyone else notice that she is signing "hat" in the right-hand pic?
"Ack! What is this thing!  Get it off of me!"



  1. I'm just so happy there is another cute little halloween chicken/duck out there. Have a fun Halloween Ellie Bellie! From your friend Bailey, the other chicken/duck. :)

  2. Love her little costume! I would have thought it was a duck at first, but she is most certainly a chunky little chicken. With the cutest tights!


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