Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Phoebe: Forever Family Found & Give Away

Sweet Phoebe has never been far from my mind.

You might remember me writing about her here.

It is no lie when I tell you that my heart nearly stopped when I stumbled across her sweet face on the Reece's Rainbow page.  It was a complete accident and yet here I was staring at this beautiful blond-haired angel with a smile just like my Ellie's.  I thought that surely the Lord was talking to me, after all, I signed on RR to see how Daniel was doing and some how I ended up in the "0-6yo Girls with Down syndrome" rather than the boys' section.  Surely it was a sign!

Perhaps it was not the sign I thought I was getting, yet my heart soared when I saw her profile relocated to the "My Family Found Me" page.

Announcing the Smith Family!  I actually do not know the Smith family unlike so many of the other families that I blog about.  However, I am following their journey and I truly believe that our Phoebe will thrive with the Smith's.   That she will be loved beyond measure.

Currently, the Smiths are running a Give Away to help bring this little ray of sunshine home to Zanesville, Ohio.  Details on the Give Away are listed on their blog
Saving An Angel.



  1. I always love hearing such happy news! She is a beauty!

  2. I've always loved Phoebe too! And while the Smith's journey has been HARD, I was so glad to see this little girls face on the MFFM page.


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