Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Great Perspective: The People Who ARE

I cannot remember if I ever posted this particular link to Dave Hingsburger's blog, but here is a very moving, well-worded post from earlier this year.

What are perhaps just as interesting are the comments.  I also enjoy seeing other people's reactions.  There are two commenters who stirred the pot a bit--Michael and Mr. Woods.  You may even agree with them.  Scroll 1/2-way down, see what commenter Elizabeth (it is the long comment) has to say.  It is her response that grabbed me more than anything.

"Rolling Round In My Head: The People Who ARE"

What Mama Bear over here has to say:  When I was younger (and I still should have known better), I used the "The R-word" in reference to myself on many occasions.  There was/is no excuse for it.  Now, as a parent, I see how wrong and discriminatory I was.  I do indeed recognize freedom of speech, BUT if you choose to use such a defacing word in front of me or my daughter, even in reference to yourself or someone else's behavior, I WILL call you on it.  Please be respectful of those with different abilities.  Be respectful of my family.  Be respectful of my daughter.

 Respect my Ability!


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