Friday, May 13, 2011

Random Photos of Cuteness

We are finally getting our much needed rain, but it is in the form of a scary storm in which the meteorologists were trying to keep track of the number of ground-hitting lightening strikes.  For three days, this desert land has experienced hours of booming thunder minus the rain.  This morning, however, the skies darkened as though it was midnight and gusts of wind are rattling our cheap old windows in the living room (hey, I wanted new windows but not this way!).

Here I am hiding out.  On blogger while my Bear sleeps through this chaos.

Why hello everyone!  I am mommy's little monkey.

See!  I love to goof off and make funny faces for the camera :-)
Actually, I am deeply contemplating climbing on top of the couch.

Ellie's favorite new toys: cars/trucks/trains
Sophie isn't sure  about it.

Over the weekend we took down Ellie's gated-in play area.  She was getting a little too smart for her britches in shoving her toys up to the gate and then climbing on top of the toys in hopes of escaping the play-yard.  We were having visions of concussion and decided it was time to finally "let loose the Bear".

As you can see, Ellie Bear loves her new found freedom and has chose the ROCK/STONE fireplace hearth as her "throne".

Excuse me while I rule this play kingdom from up here.
All toys much answer to Princess Ellie Bellie Bear, Ruler of the Bearity-Bears

Well, there is a Flash Flood going through this exact spot right now.

Yep, a River Running Through the Yard.

This is Ellie acting like she loves books.  She does love books. . .to gnaw on.  Great source of fiber.  Also, note the ponytail.  Cute, but WAAAH!  My baby has long enough hair for a ponytail!  WAAH! My baby has been around long enough to have enough hair for a ponytail.  

Well, since writing this, Blogger crashed and I am now just able to post.  The storm has left us and the ground is dry again.  All windows are intact and the flash flooding of the backyard and driveway are gone.  We finally got our much needed rain :-)  Please pray for those affected by all of the flooding along the Mississippi River.  While we Austinites are experiencing burn bans, fires, and a drought, so many others have needed to leave their home due to excessive water.  


  1. Be safe with that weather - Our school just got a new student because her family had to move after all that craziness!

    I love Ellie's ponytail. Love it. Tried putting my own Ellie's hair in a ponytail, and it was a pretty big fail.

  2. Claire is quite certain that books are a food group too. There are quite a few I am going to have to replace once we actually get her reading them!


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