Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Many Faces, GIVE AWAYS, Good News

Let's break away from the SPD stuff (part 2 is coming, I promise) and have a happy post.

I have a need for another "Many Faces of Ellie" segment.  Nothing puts a smile on my face faster than my little Bear-Bear and I hope, that her sweet little smile and zany antics do the same for you.

Uh oh.  There goes Mama with the camera again.  Oh great, now she is experimenting in Photoshop.  She says this is "Saturated Slide Effect".  Oh goodness mommy.

I am biting my nails, concerned about what mama is going to post next.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. . .

This is my sweet and innocent look.  Is it working?

How about now?

Now?  Don't you want to give me whatever I want?  Hmmm?

Here is my serious thinker pose.

What do you mean it isn't working?!  But but. . .cupcakes!  Please?  Please?
Maybe on Thursday when it is Daddy's birthday?  Please Please.

Other news:

Remember this story?  Remember when the judge in Russia said "no" to little Kirill's adoption?  Remember how she said Kirill is better off in a mental institution all because he has Down syndrome?
Kirill & his heart mother
Well. . . we prayed and prayed and spread awareness.  Today, the supreme court has granted the Davis Family custody of Kirill.  You can read more about this exciting moment here.   Another orphan "saved" and united with his forever family!!!!

Our work is not done (it never is, is it?).  I have 2 important and exciting Give Aways to share with you.

For those of you who are new to The Chronicles of EBB, visit the post that started it all.  The post that opened my eyes.  Or view this post that has a heart-wrenching video about life in EE institutions.


The Taylor Family's "BANG for your BUCK" Give Away is going strong, but is almost over.  To get a chance to win cool prizes such as a Kindle, jewelry, giftcards, and more visit their blog.  All to bring dear Alexander home.

Albina:  Are you my mama?  Are you my papa?
A Perfect Lily is sponsoring another Give Away for sweet Albina.  A very generous family has a soft spot for dear Albina. . . how can they not.   Look at her sweet face and soulful eyes.  They have offered to match dollar-to-dollar amount up to $5,000.  To help sweeten the pot, a donation enters you in a chance to win a Canon Rebel Digital SLR camera.

Thank you dear cyber friends!

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