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Three Little Angels Give Away

By now, everyone knows my love for the orphans over on Reece's Rainbow. Everyone knows, especially my husband, how I cannot even visit the organization's website without shedding tears. Tears over the horrible treatment of the little lovies who do not have a forever family. I would love own a large (I am talking huge) house with lots of land and then gather all of these orphans and bring them home to where I can be all Mama Bear. Unfortunately, that is not in the cards for my family, BUT what I can do is spread the word knowing that every little bit of money, prayer, and increasing awareness does indeed make a difference. So here I am sharing with you Patti's Three Angels Give Away straight from "A Perfect Lily":

A Per Patti:

Okay friends. You know back in December when I was putting together my Most Important Post That I Have Ever Written post, and my hands were shaking so much I had a hard time writing?

It's happening again:)

In fact, it happened during our Pure Love Giveaway with Peter too. It's like everything comes together for what I'm hoping to do, and I get this image in my mind of these sweet babies being rescued, and how all my friends out in blogland can be a part of something bigger than themselves, and the adrenaline kicks in.

And yes, I know I'm a dreamer. I know I tend to gush and CAPITALIZE THINGS WAY TOO MUCH and I know I probably come off as a little hyper when I'm trying these things. Guess what? I don't care ! :)

SO with that little revelation out of the way, please let me introduce you to three little angels who need our help!
First is Albina....

Oh my word, look at those eyes! She melts my heart!

Michelle Z from Reece's Rainbow blogged about her today, and she asked me to help her spread the word...when I read her post, I decided I couldn't say it better, so I'm copying it here!

Recently, I received an email about a little girl listed on the Reece's Rainbow named Albina. A woman contacted me to ask for ideas -- she wanted to help Albina's grant fund grow. She (let's call her Mrs. B) doesn't have a blog, and wanted to know what she could do to spread the word that Albina needed a family.
Now this is not really ideal timing for me. In a few days, Reece's Rainbow will start their 5/5/5 fundraiser, and they're trying to raise $5000 for each of the 5-year-olds listed on the site, waiting for families. I signed up to fundraise for a little girl. Albina's not even 5! She's not in that campaign!

But, when Mrs. B. first told me her plan, I was so excited -- I told her I would help her, and try to recruit others to help spread the word, too. Because this generous woman and her husband want to donate $5,000 to Albina -- in matching funds.
The least we can do is TRY. The best we can do is put these faces out there, and find families.
I asked Mrs. B why they picked Albina, and this is what she told me...
Neither of us can explain why one night we came across Reece's Rainbow or how we ended up on Albina's picture captivated by her big dark eyes that simultaneously express sadness and determination. We think Albina somehow found us. As days passed, [my husband] nor I could stop thinking about this lonely, sweet baby who seemed to be calling for us to help her. We prayed for her and asked God how we could help. [My husband] and I decided we could hopefully raise enough money with the match campaign that somewhere a family who really wants this sweet baby, who is perhaps financially unable to adopt her will now be able to bring her home. This family would be the answer to our prayers and hopefully this assistance would be the answer to theirs.
We will pray everyday that everyone out there will donate, that somewhere a family is preparing to bring Albina home, that Albina will stay healthy and strong and that one day all of these children will have a place to call their forever home.

So, if someone makes a donation to Albina's fund this month, they'll match it -- and double your money.

If you can spare $10 for this little love, she'll really receive $20.

And if she gets $5,000...this generous family will match those funds and she will get $10,000 !

Albina's profile on Reece's Rainbow says she was born in September, 2007. She's a few months younger than my Ruby ... and that little frown makes me think she may be just as independent-minded as well.
This past week, we received an update picture of Albina for the Reece's Rainbow website! Still no smile, still those soulful eyes.

So that's our first little angel- and while I was writing this post, every one of my kids came in the room and asked if we could adopt her. And I may or may not have sent an email to Sam asking him the same thing :) It would take a million miracles at this point though, so in light of that I am asking you for help in finding her a family.

Albina needs us.

Next up we have a beautiful little girl who has stolen the hearts of people all over blogland, named Ollie Faith...

Ollie blessed her family's socks off when she arrived in life sporting that sweet extra chromosome 3 months ago, and her mom Annie writes about her on her fabulous blog The House That Jade Built.
Ollie goes in for open heart surgery next month at St. Louis at Children's Hospital. I asked Annie how she is doing right now, and she gave me this update:
The prayers are amazing! We were told Miss O would be in full blown heart failure within 2-4 weeks of her birth. She's 12 weeks old & shows very minor signs of heart failure - only things the doctor notices, like an enlarged liver. She's been doing GREAT!! The prayers we have had so far have made a huge difference - God is moving through this tiny little 10 pound little girl :)

Ollie needs us.

Annie also has an amazing etsy shop called Ollie Faith Designs, and she is donating one of her gorgeous blankets today...but more on that in a minute!

The last angel who needs our help is the little guy I have been telling you about for months...


Date of Birth: June 4, 2006
Gender: Male
Eyes: Brown
Hair: dark brown
Temperament: good-natured

Artem turns five next month...if you've been reading here long, you know what that birthday means. Artem has been at the Baby House for most of his life, but he is facing a transfer to the mental institution some time on or after his fifth birthday. The though of that bright, happy face witnessing the horrors of the institution has had me on my knees so many times, crying out to God for a family for Artem.

Artem needs us.

SO here's the deal.

Many of you might remember the beautiful fingerprint necklaces from etsy shop LilyBudDesigns that we featured here a few months ago. They are SO sweet, and I HOPE my kids have been paying attention to all the subtle hints I have been dropping about wanting one with Lily's fingerprint on it for Mother's Day!!!

Anyhoo, etsy owner Jessica has graciously agreed to donate another $50 gift credit to help with our THREE LITTLE ANGELS GIVEAWAY!!

As well as that amazingly generous contibution, Ollie's mama Annie is donating one of her stunning custom blankets from her etsy shop....

Initial Childrens BlanketFrom OllieFaithDesigns
A fun modern print is backed with double sided minky fleece. Your child's initial is hand cut on a contrasting fabric & stitched to the blanket.
Approximately 33"x42" makes for a large cuddly blanket your little one is bound to love!
Made to order - $50 Please allow 2 weeks for delivery
***I can work with you to create a custom initial blanket in any fabric to go with the personality of your child :) ****

So are you ready???

There are four ways to enter this giveaway- you can leave four comments total if you do all four things...

1)Donate to Albina- she gets a dollar for every dollar you donate, so if you donate $50 she gets $100, etc. The family matching donations will donate up to $5,000, so let's get this baby girl a huge grant and find her a family!!!

2)Pray for Ollie. Her surgery is next month, and as her mama stated they have already seen the power of prayer at work. Pray for her surgeon, and that everything would go well, and that recovery time will be amazingly fast. And pray for Ollie's family as well- I can't even imagine handing your baby girl over to someone else, knowing her life is in their hands. God is already working, so keep praying!

3)Spread the word about Artem needing a family. He has a grant of $4,232 that will go a long way to helping a family rescue him. Either blog about him, email friends about him, make phone calls, post his plight on a forum somewhere...any way you can think to get the word out there that Artem is facing imminent transfer, and he needs a family FAST.

4)RE-POST this giveaway somewhere. Link to it, or feel free to steal it (contact me if you want to do this, as my images and words are copyrighted.) Post it anywhere you can think, if you're not a blogger, find an outlet to spread the word. I know this sounds a lot like number 4, but just because I want this to go viral, I am making this a separate chance to enter:)

So there you have it. No big iPads to give away...yet...but two prizes that I personally think are better than iPads!!! For reals, my brother texted me this weekend to ask if he could do a google search on an iPad. I had to tell him I DON'T HAVE A CLUE ...I just give them away, I don't know what they're used for!!! Now a custom fingerprint necklace or blanket....those I know exactly what to do with!!:) ****Mother's Day is coming up, kids!!!***

If you want to donate to little Albina, you can go directly to Reece's Rainbow, or donate on my fancy shmancy little sidebar gadget that does the same thing- goes right to her grant fund.

I'm so excited to see what God will do for these Three Little Angels!!!!! :):):)

-Patti (A Perfect Lily)

To enter the giveaway, please head on over to Patti's blog. You must put the comments in HER blog to be entered into the contest.


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