Monday, May 9, 2011

NBC: We Have Your Peacock

Austin has a great many things to do outside, which is wonderful and fabulous for people who like both the great outdoors and city-life.  There are several parks, trails, festivals (ie. Pecan Street Festival, Bat Fest), and musical events (ie. SXSW) that you could literally spend every day of every week doing an unique and different activity.

The only problem is Austin is a desert.

Okay, this is actually the Judean Desert

Fine, it is not a true desert, but to this St. Louisan / Philadelphian, 100 degree heat for months = desert.  During the summer months (summer being April - October in Austin, or February if you count that week of 90 degree weather) Andrew and I do not adventure out much during the big heat of the day due to our "delicate" skin and my adversion to sweating/burning/humidity/more sweating.

BTW, it was BatFest as well as Master Pancake's Theater's rendition of "Kiss meets Phantom of the Park" (did you know that you can now watch it on DVD?) that led me to love Andrew.

Nonetheless, this Mother's Day, we high-tailed it out of the house in the morning to experience the glory of Mayfield Park.

Pretty, isn't he?  He spent the entire visit showing us and all of the other peacocks HE is the big CEO of the Mayfield peacocks.  He displayed his 'assets' in full glory and no other peacock, or human would go near him.

Like I said, this peacock has a complex.  Showing us his hiney. . . yep, message received. Backing away now.

Do you see this peacock strutting his stuff?  He was following us.  Seriously.  Following us.  Andrew and I think that he might be the same peacock who attacked Andrew's car a few years ago.  No lie.  One of the peacocks (most likely this one) wondered into the parking lot, saw its reflection in the bumper of Andrew's car, and pecked it.  Hard.

See?!  There he is coming after us.  

Just look at him!
Would you just look at him?!

There was even a stand off between Andrew, Ellie, and the vicious peacock. Look at him in the middle of the trail.  Andrew didn't know where to go.   Peacock vs. Man w. Baby Stoller.  Peacock won. Ellie was half asleep so she really missed out on the big showdown.

That's right.  Walk away.  Keep on walking.

I only brought my little point-&-shoot camera with me.  Sometimes the SLR is just too big to lug around, but I do feel a bit naked without it.

The rest of the Crowe's Nest Farm pictures will be up soon.  I still have about 60 to edit, but I promise I will only post 6 or 14 or maybe 22. . .



  1. Nice. We had a run-in at the San Diego Zoo.... those peacocks are aggressive!

  2. I want to go to Mayfield Park sometime. Still waiting to hear Willie Nelson too.

  3. I love peacocks! It was always such a treat to get to see them at the zoo because they got to just wander wherever, so you never knew if you'd see them.
    I wonder if I could convince Tim we need a couple for our yard?

  4. Did you do the photo touching up to the black and white standoff photo? Gorgeous! What a lovely mother's day!!! Happy Mother's Day, Anna!


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