Sunday, April 10, 2011

Phoebe 9HA

This little boy, Daniel of 2H has been weighing on my mind recently.  You see, if Andrew and I had a boy, his name would have been Daniel.

Daniel-2H has been on my mind for a while after a few of my RR buddies posted about him. I worry about these kids so much.  I worry that they are not held, loved, and sang to.  I worry that they are starving not only for nutritional needs, but also personal interaction.  A hug.  A lap to sit on. A kiss on the head.

I originally intended this post to be solely about Daniel, but here is the thing. . . I visited Reece's Rainbow to find Daniel and "check in" on him.  To see if a family has come forward or that there is more grant money in his bucket.  I accidentally clicked on the link for Down Syndrome, 0-5 Girls. Maybe it was no accident.

I saw her.  I saw Phoebe 9HA.  I saw my little Ellie in her.  My heart literally stopped for a moment. I cried when I saw her.  I am tearing up now as I type this.  Sweet, smiley Phoebe is just a few months older than our Ellie.  She needs a home desperately.

I would love to be her mommy, but that is not in the cards for our family.

Any chance you are her mommy?

Any chance you know her mommy?

How about we help bring more awareness?  Then perhaps, maybe, Phoebe's family will find her.

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  1. I've always loved Phoebe. That's my moms nickname so she caught my eye early on!


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