Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blogger Award!

The great and fabulous Jane of Flight Plateform Living: A mother's journey with precious souls and Smith Magenis Syndrome has graciously passed on The Versatile Blogger award.  Thank you!!!!  Yippy!  I am very excited and very grateful.  Please check out her blog for she writes from the heart, has a great sense of humor, and has adorable children that I just want to smother with kisses.

There are rules to accepting this award.  Since I am not one to turn down such a lovely award, I will comply.

Rule 1: Seven Things About Myself
I suppose I should make this interesting :-)

1. I color code everything.  I mean everything.  It started in the 5th grade when I needed to learn all about the explores such as Ponce de Leon and Christopher Columbus.  Ponce de Leon was on the color blue and even now I remember that he had something to do with Florida.  I think.  In Anatomy, the color green was completely dedicated to the different parts of the sphenoid. When I say everything, that includes lining up the shirts in my closet by color (and Andrew's by BBQ or Tex-Mex restaurants).

2. There have been two engagement rings, two wedding rings, and one marriage in my life.  A few weeks after marrying the Drew-Drew, there was a mishap with both my engagement ring and wedding ring.  A newly wed with naked fingers. Eek!  Materialistic, I know.  Good thing for insurance.  So ladies, if you have not done so already, insure those rings!

3. My birthday is Flag Day. It should be a bank Holiday, but sadly, it is not.

4. Andrew prevents me from being "the cat lady" which somewhat saddens me.  If possible, I would adopt every meowing creature that comes across my path.  I am not allowed near an animal shelter or the PetsMart when they have the rescue people there.  The last time I went to PetsMart, Cat Jazz was there.  I walked out with Amelie.

5. In high school, I was full-blown goth. . . in a Catholic school that required uniforms.  Steel-toed combat boots all the way, baby.

6. I have walked up the aisle with Andrew twice and yes, a officiant was in the picture both times.  The first was when we met.  Sigh.  Heart doing flip flops (he had/has a nice a*s).  We were paired up to walk down the aisle as a bridesmaid and groomsman at our friends' wedding.  We exchanged 4 sentences the whole night.  That is a different story all together. The second time was just after Deacon Dan announced us as husband and wife.

7. My heart hurts every time I look at my sweet Ellie.  She is just so beautiful that I want to cry.  I constantly sneak peaks at her while she is sleeping.  She is that wonderful.

Rule 2: Passing this Versatile Blogger Award on to 15 other bloggers
(These are in alphabetical order and I want to add more than 15, can I do that? Nope.  Phooey!)

1. A Perfect Lily

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5. Just A Little Bit Downsy

6. Little Miss Stubborn

7. Moos Crossing

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11. Pioneer Woman

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13. Blue Letters

14. The Beautiful Blessings of My Four Boys

15.  Yo Mamma Mamma!

It was very very difficult to narrow it down to 15.  I read so many blogs about family, motherhood, special needs, medicine, musicians, crafts, sewing, baking, life in general, and a traveling gnome.  All of these blogs serve a purpose and are a joy to read.  Some having me in tears while others have me laughing so hard my husband has needed to remind me to breath.  Others just love to kill me with cuteness.  Others provide much needed support in that they remind me that I am not alone.

Up Next: Easter Celebrations!
I only have 257 photos to sift through and edit.  Patience, dear friends, patience.



  1. I have become the cat lady for you. Moving in with Tim this weekend means I just became kitty-momma to 5.

  2. ahhh thanks honey for the lovely words! colour coding thats so off the scale organised my messy mind cannot even compute it! as for smothering my kids with kisses, you can if i get to do the same back to your gorgeous ellie who has also stolen my heart via blogland! xxxx

  3. Oh Anna you are soo sweet and your Ellie is beautiful and I would so enjoy giving her kisses just like I do with my Markie!! Markie still enjoys looking at pictures of your sweet baby!

  4. Thanks so much for the award!! I am contantly peeking at sleeping Claire too...there is just somehting about a sleeping baby that is so hard to resist!!


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