Friday, April 8, 2011

Ellie Bunny Cheerio

There is an old saying in the medical field (and maybe in other fields) called "If you hear hoof beats, think horses."  As in, think of the common things such as ear infections when a kiddo presents with ear pain rather than a rarity such as a tumor (really really rare).

Howdy.  Unlike my mommy, I am pretty laid back.

It is a great analogy and it works really well except when it comes to my darling little Ellie.  Then, I hear Zebras. Lots and lots of zebras.  Like a whole entire herd of zebras with perhaps 2 or 3 random horses mixed in. Like when that spot on her leg started to turn red, warm, painful, and swell.  Clearly the spot was getting infected, but Mama bear panicked.  Of course it was after pediatric office hours.  More panic. What to do?  What to DO!?!?!  Visions of The Bear having to be admitted into the hospital and surgery on her wee chunky little leg danced through my head.  And amputation.  Hoof beats = zebras.

Ack!  Sophie is trying to steal my bunny ears.

Then I had to step back, and say to Andrew: "If this was my patient, and not my daughter, what would I do?"  Easy peasy because they are horses.  I would culture the area and start antibiotics all while reviewing with the family about what to look for if it gets worse.

So, take a wild guess what happened when we went to urgent care?  The area was cultured and Ellie was started on antibiotics.  Her leg is now absolutely beautiful (and chunky) with a small little scab to serve as a reminder.

Ellie Bunny Bear

Moving on to today.  I will start by saying ELLIE CAN NOW HAVE CHEERIOS!!!!
In case you are wondering about the significance of the above statement, please click here.  Or here.
Ellie Bear and I had a nice bonding experience over play telephones and plastic dinosaurs in the allergist's office this morning for today was her big oat-tolerance-food-challenge.

Ellie Bear totally rocked it and in her typical bear-fashionista style.

Sorry, I have no clever or witty comment. Just enjoy the cuteness :-)

Pre-test:  Paranoid Mama Bear.  Backpack full of Cheerios and infant oatmeal, unopened and safely secured in plastic wrapping which is in plastic grocery bag.  Epi Pen Juniors x 2 clutched in my hand.  A full binder of medical records complete with every single doctor ever seen and multiple emergency phone numbers is also in the backpack.  (I like to be prepared).  I was scared out of my mind to let the box of Cheerios near Ellie let alone let her have one.  Sure, the office called and said "be sure to bring her Epi pens and our office is fully equipped with oxygen and epinephrine." Seriously, why should I worry?  They have their own oxygen.  [sense my sarcasm]

Skin Test for Oats (sorry such poor quality)

Repeat skin test & wait 15 minutes: Negative
Smearing of oatmeal on lips & wait 20 minutes: Negative
1/2 tsp of oatmeal & wait 20 minutes: Negative
1tsp of of oatmeal & wait 20 minutes: Negative
1/4 cut of oatmeal + handful of Cheerios & wait 1 hour: very excited and happy Ellie :-)

So, what was I worried about again?

Was this really taken a year ago?  When did she get so big? 

Chick-A-Boom can now walk (toddle) into a restaurant and have pancakes or French toast or Cheerios!  I am jumping up and down for joy.  Yay!!!  Yippy!!!  Relief.  Big. Sigh. Of. Relief. {sigh}

Yeah, Andrew was involved in this.  Also taken last year.

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  1. you really dont need clever witty captions as she truly is so utterly cute! ha ha i think the panic of spots and hearing zebras comes with the mum territory! hugs x

  2. Ellie makes such a cute bunny!! She really did change in a year:-)

  3. yay for ellie! that is awesome! and such a relief for mama bear!

  4. Yay so glad that she passed her tests. I don't know which office I hate to be in more the cardiologist or the allergist, they are both long and tedious appointments. I get the pleasure of going to both every 3 months.

  5. Yay for Cheerios!! Toddlers must eat Cheerios and I'm so glad Ellie can enjoy some now too!

    OT: I didn't know you were on Paperback swap! I've been trading there for years now!

    And I'm glad the verse came at a good time. It always seems to work that way for me too. :)


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