Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter Egg Hunting!

We were recently invited by a dear friend of ours to attend an Easter Egg hunt.  The campus of the church/school were divided in such a way that each age group had their own area to hunt.  The 1 year-old group had eggs everywhere. . .in plain sight :-)

Ellie, Haley, Jaden

Look mama!  I have a pretty blue egg.  It goes with my dress.  I bet it tastes yummy.

Ellie picked up pretty quickly that the eggs go in the basket. . . . 

As soon as those brightly colored, plastic eggs hit the bottom of the basket, she would dump them out.

Let me just dump this. 

Then she would bang the eggs together.

Bang!  Bang!  Bang!  Whoops!  Cracked the plastic eggs.
Let's not forget that she has to taste them.  Apparently, she will "eat" plastic eggs, but not real eggs.  Go figure.

Nom Nom. Nom.
Then repeat and repeat and repeat. . . .

Remember my friend concerns or my friendship post?

Haley & Ellie communicating via the Third Eye
What was I ever so worried about?

Haley is like Ellie's big sister.  They, obviously, are wearing the same outfit :-)

Let us not forget the handsome Jaden.  I am relatively certain he is relieved that he is not dressed the same as the girly girls!


Bear-Bear is not so sure about the Easter Bunny

More pictures to come. . . . once I sift through all 127 photos and then edit and upload to photobucket and then blog, etc.

In the mean time, happy Easter!

Goodness Mom!  Why on Earth did you put me on this stinkin' rock with an empty basket?



  1. how cute are these pictures! happy easter x

    oh and by the way...
    you have been award the Versatile Blogger Award. check it out here:

  2. Love the pics of the kids as well! All are very photogenic:-)


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