Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nerves, Chewelry, and Strollin'

It has been 2 weeks since Ellie Bear's evaluation by the Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician.  Not  much has changed other than me doing A LOT of research on Sensory Processing Disorder [SPD]. That and a ton of paperwork for insurance, therapists, and this Special Care for Children plan offered through Andrew's work.  Wait, that part is nothing new.  Aetna is on speed dial in this household.

Strollin' Strollin' Strollin'
I have absolutely no idea why her stacking bath cups are in the stroller
or why she is wearing one sock. . .but hey, she is strollin'!

Oh wait, I forgot to mention that after 1.5 months of speech therapy (don't get me started on why we are not getting it via ECI), Aetna just informed us that because Ellie's speech therapy is not "restorative" in nature, they are denying coverage.  Need I mention that this is after I spoke with Aetna back in April and after the speech therapy place called them to get to the negotiated rate?  Okie dokey.  See previous paragraph about paperwork and Aetna on speed dial.   I will not even discuss the $$$ here.

Can it be true?  Does my little Bear-Bear have reddish highlights to her hair?!
Whoo hoo!  

In terms of therapy, we have not really changed anything (yet) other than order some chewelry to help with Ellie's oral sensory seeking behaviors.  The thought is that the chewelry can be kept in the mouth, hands free, thus allowing Ellie to play.  Sometimes it works.  Sometimes it doesn't.

ChewEase: Clip-on Chewable Necklace Tube
This is essential food-grade tubing (like what you get at Lowe's) on a little hook.
Ellie is a thrower so this works out great :-)

More on the therapies later.

Here is Sophie with her "Chewie"

Tomorrow is our 2nd opinion on the SPD diagnosis.  Early Childhood Intervention [ECI] is coming out to complete a Sensory Profile.  I am a bit nervous/anxious/edgy/panicky/scared/frustrated, but really what can they say?  That she has sensory issues?  Well we know that already.  That she needs more therapy.  We know that too.

Here is what I am hoping for:

1.We receive an occupational therapist with sensory integration (SI) experience through ECI
2. Okay, there is no second thing.  I just want the occupational therapy through ECI.  They come to the house which is much more convenient than having to go to Round Rock or South Austin.  Also, I do not feel like dealing with Aetna because I am sure they will not cover the OT  because it is not "restorative" {cue snide, sarcastic voice}  Based off history, I am relatively certain that I will be dealing with insurance.

Ellie Bellie Ballerina
Wish us luck!



  1. Her hair looks totally red in that picture! So pretty! I think my boy would love chewelry too! Praying for your visit tomorrow, can't wait to hear how it goes!

  2. Such a pretty little princess!!! I hope all that insurance 'stuff' (I would really like to use a naughty word there) gets worked out. So darn frustrating. Praying you get some answers. HUGS!

  3. Oh...and Lily just got a stroller very similar to Ellie's for her birthday. I sure do wish they could play with their babies together!!!

  4. Huh. We have Aetna and they've been pretty good, actually. But I didn't know they have a Special Care for Children plan. Maybe I should look into that... or, maybe not.

  5. Hope all works out for your sweet, little girl. I saw you are hoping chewelry will help; do you know about Kid Companions Chewelry sold online ?
    ... They are safe, bpa, phthalate, pvc, lead and latex free. They come with a clip or with a lanyard to be worn like a necklace.

    These colorful heart and circle chewy pendants are on a a 100% organic cotton lanyard with a child safety clasp. Lanyards available are undyed 100% organic cotton or colourful lanyards in 100% organic cotton, hand-dyed and pre-washed with plant-based ingredients.

  6. Grrr.... Sarah Kate participated in an intensive PT program every year from age 3 (4+ hours/day, 5 days/week for 3 three weeks straight). Suddenly insurance isn't paying for it anymore, because it's "experimental." Experimental = expensive, of course, which is the real reason. Since we don't have an extra $12k lying around, she's not going this year.


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