Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Many Faces of Ellie

Mostly wordless.

With the exception of the last photo.  These were all taken last week while she was watching Baby Signing Time.
Yes!  It is Baby Signing Time!  I am so excited :-)  So excited that I wouldn't let Mommy put clothes on me first.

Watching BST requires intense concentration

Sensory Motor Craving--I don't think so!  She watched most of Baby Signing Time.  That is a 25 minute show.  No running, rocking, bouncing, or ramming objects.

Signs "Puppy" using both arms during These Are The Pets I Love

Oh, hi mama!

How to get a naturally distressed dresser.

Finally got her PJs on.

She loves The Diaper Dance song.

Ellie signs "puppy" and Sophie dog attacks the TV.

I should be lying-on-a-beach pose
Baby Signing Time Series starring Rachel Coleman also on


  1. Wish Ellie could attend the Rachel concert with us in August!! Several of us are going and staying the night...including RAGEN and LUCY!!! I think I'm just a little too excited about meeting Rachel Coleman. Sure hope Lily doesn't freak that she's really 3-dimensional. LOL!!

    Give the adorable Bear hugs from Lily and me!

  2. Oh...and that beach pose...ADORABLE!

  3. Love your blog.

    Can you tell me a bit more about which products you have from the "Baby Signing Time" series as there's tons to choose from.

    Does anyone know if it ever came in VHS tape format (yes, we're THAT family).

    Ellie (and Rover) are awesome.

  4. Thanks for the information Anna. I will check it out. Look forward to following your blog. Sarah

  5. seriously how beautiful is she! she takes my breath away! your mad dog distressing the dresser made me lol! honey i CANNOT find you on FB you dont come up in searches, try me again honey, put in my maiden name jane brotherton, i may come up with that or alternatively put on a room for tilly, it was our fundraising page when we raised funds to get some padded rooms at home for tilly. you could get to me via that! cant understand why i cant find you on there. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. I have a few of these photos of Claire too. She is either super serious or jumping all over the place when she watches. We are seeing Rachel in July. I'm afraid that Claire may not be too excited, but I am!


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