Friday, June 24, 2011

Developmental Update: Motor and Communication

Lately, it seems as though Ellie is blossoming before my eyes.  Everyday is something new.  It is no lie when I say that formal Developmental Assessment seems to have triggered a big cognitive jump.  Or, perhaps, it is just a coincidence.

Little stinker is trying to steal my computer mouse.

This past week, I turned a rocking 31 years-old.  I can officially say that I am in my 30s.  Boo!  The Bear, is now 21 months-old.  One step closer to that milestone birthday of 2 years.  A true toddler.  Not a baby.  Although in medical speak, she was not longer a "baby" when she turned one.  WAH!  My baby!  Ellie is a big girl now. Sob!  It truly was a week a milestones and not just in numerical age.

Speech / Communication:
All caregivers are still "mama".  I am mama.  Andrew is mama.  Auntie Jess is mama.  Grandma Dunja is mama. Ellie Bear is, however, stringing a lot of dadadadadas together.  If I actually ask Ellie were Dada is, she looks at Andrew, but calls him mama.  Go figure.

Boom-Boom Chunky Chicken, also wants  to sign.  She still cannot point so her signing tends to all look the same to everyone except the speech therapist (ST), Andrew, and myself.  She is communicating though. 

Last week I attempted  to give Ellie her nasty Augmentin and she shut her mouth and signed "all done".  This is the FIRST time she ever initiated a sign without prompting.  She also used the correct sign "all done" in the correct situation.  Super Bear!

Yes, that is indeed the lens cap to the camera

She is obsessed with "Baby Signing Time" videos. The catchy, yet annoying, "Diaper Dance" song is playing in my head continuously.  Fellow cyber buds, you know exactly what I am talking about.  Bear-Bear walks into the bedroom, stands in front of the TV and signs a combination of "baby" and the macarena.

Ellie's version of "Signing Time"

Gross Motor:
It's Prison Break Time!  Maybe this section should be titled COGNITIVE / CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS.  Seriously.  I go out of town and Andrew teaches my daughter how to scale walls.  Well, not really.  Andrew is requesting immunity.  Andrew was on Bear Duty while I was out East for a quick trip (baby shower and baptism for my new "nephew").  He puts up the baby gate and guess what Ellie does?  This is important because she had to plan this out.  Planning+ execution = critical thinking.

"here, just let me pull this over here."

"yep!  Just like that"

1. Remove Little Tikes chair from bedroom
2. Push chair into hallway and up against baby gate.
3. Climb onto chair and attempt to climb baby gate onto the other side
4. Escape!--except Andrew foiled her plans!  (but not without documenting her escapade first)

"See?  I know exactly what to do!"

I supposed it is time to stack the baby gates.  Nothing can stop The Bear Now!

Now, if I could just teach this bambino how to point with her forefinger and use a pincer grasp!



  1. Kids with DS will do everything a "typical" kid will do. Our kids just have their own schedule when they are going to hit those milestones.

    Ellie is such a little angel. Thank you for sharing.

    Be gentle,

  2. She is doing such fantastic stuf!!!! It's amazing how quickly they pick something up, isn't it? Way to go Ellie bear! Hugs and kisses from Wyatt and penny!

  3. Love the pics and she is doing great!

  4. Wow, that is so amazing that she knew to pull the chair over to get over the gate!

  5. I love it!!!! We love Baby Signing Times also-- can't wait for Joey to start loving it. I am singing the Diaper Dance after just reading the words. As far as pointing and the other things go-- I read that the Ipad is helpful with that. Love the photos of Ellie-- she is beautiful! Hugs- Jen

  6. Love the communication! Signing Time is just awesome. For me and Claire.

    And this post made me laugh, because Claire calls everyone dada. She knows Darren is daddy, but that comes out a lot when she is jabbering....

    I forgot to ask you in my other comment...the food grade tubing you got cheap at the hardware store...whats the end of it like? Just open tubing? I might need to get some of that for Claire.

    And I didn't realize I was older than you....Internet friends are funny that way, but I really have no idea how old anyone is!


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