Monday, June 27, 2011

The Ugly Truth-Help Desperately Needed

As you know, I often write about my friends who are hosting fundraisers to bring home lovies from orphanages in Eastern Europe.  You also know that these places are horrible--the institutions, the orphanages.  Disposable diapers are reused.  Yes, gross.  They wash them and hang them to dry.  Most  of these children only have two outfits.  Some of these facilities do not have running water.  The children may be tied to the cribs.

It may seem that I am exaggerating.  Or maybe you think this video is dated and things are no longer like that.  Or perhaps when I say fiercely that time is of essence, I am, again, exaggerating.

These children do live in squalor.  Money is needed to travel to these countries and rescue these children.  Money is needed for all of the legal fees both within the United states and within EE.

The faster we can help these families raise money, the quicker they can rescue their child from the orphanage or institution.  The sooner these children are united with their forever families, the closer they are to receiving the medical care they so desperately need.

Sometimes, these families are finally united with their children and this is what they are greeted with:

This is Victoria.  As soon as her forever family landed in Atlanta, sweet Victoria went directly to the Children's Hospital for severe dehydration and malnutrition.  Please please please pray for this sweet angel and her family. Follow their journey here.

Still do not believe me?  
Remember Carrington?

She arrived to the US weighing less than 15 lb.  After a hospitalization, she is finally home with her forever family and thriving!  Read Carringtons' Courage.

There are still a few of my friends working nonstop to bring home their children.  Please consider donating to the cause.  Consider giving up that morning latte or coffee.  I know that money is tight so please, consider spreading awareness and praying for these families.  If you live nearby, consider offering childcare as many of my friends need help with their kids while they are in the EE. Or consider donating something to a fundraiser.  Every little thing helps.  Please.

The Smith Family for Phoebe

The Kehm Family for Peter.

The Eubanks family for Shawna and Lindsey.

These two angels still need families so please spread the word.  





  1. oh i was laready tearing up reading this and thinking how awesome you are and then i rolled down to the last picture of Francine and lost it!!!! thankyou honey for putting these beautiful faces and francine on your post xxxx

  2. Anna, I love your heart. Thank you for speaking up for those who have no voice.


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