Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thankful Thursdays

This coat is in the laundry as we speak.

Today's outing was not very exciting.  Well, unless you think going to the grocery store is exciting.  Which I do not.  Actually, I loathe the grocery store, but I love Target.  Hence why I buy most of our groceries at Super Target, but today it was the actual, real grocery store.  It is before 10:00 am and Ellie has already spit up yogurt and raspberries no less than 3 times.  One of which was all over her coat while at the grocery store.  Did I mention that I do not like grocery stores?

There really is no point behind this photo.  I did not buy it at the grocery store today, but rather Andrew purchased it at Costco.  I do not even eat salsa.  However, I find it amusing in the sense that I call my brother Mateo.  Baby brother, who does not read this blog, this photo is for you!

Therefore, I am now dedicating Thursdays as my Thankful day.  A day were I reflect on the past week and think about all of the things I am grateful for.  Small things that might seem insignificant to others and then of course the big elephants.

1. Coffee.
This is the elephant.  Coffee is wonderful.  I love the smell of coffee and unlike some, I LOVE the taste of coffee.  Andrew can always tell if I did not have my coffee in the morning.  Unlike my daughter (and my father) who are all like "oh it is 5:00 am and I am so happy to see you and isn't today wonderful and happy and merry?", I am all Grrrr.  Actually, I could still be all Grrr at 10:00am as well.   I am pretty picky when it comes to brewing my own coffee.  My coffee comes from Green Mountain Coffee in Vermont.  Yes, I order it on-line.  It is that good.  I will be right back.  All this talking about coffee makes me want to prepare some more.

Mug: Regensburg, Germany.  Our honeymoon :-)

2. The scent of freshly baking bread in my house.  In a bread maker of course.  I am definitely not Betty Crocker.  I can bake, but bread has never been my forte.  Well, unless you like bread that is like a brick.  Or does not rise.  Or it hard as a rock on the outside and undercooked in the inside.  Hence, the bread machine. Oh bread machine, how I love thee.

3. Miralax.  No!  not for myself.  For the Ellie Bear.  For those of you who know what miralax is, you understand.  For those of you who do not.  Google, my friends.

4. Texas Humor.  This photo was posted on FB by a friend of mine.  It was from last week on I-35 going from Austin to San Antonio.

Sorry it is so blurry

"Oh my God.
Is that Snow?
We're all going to die!!!!"

Obviously, I am forever grateful for my hot, sexy, compassionate husband who supports me no matter what and deals with my quirky moods, my darling daughter whose lights up my life, my crazy and zany furbabies whose antics make me chuckle (or scream), the rest of my family and in-laws who love me for me, and my dear friends who put up with my anxiety and incessant talking.  Thank you all of you, for being you and for being so supportive.

Andrew is boycotting having his photo taken.  I snuck this one.  Notice he is reading the blog :-)  

Ah ha! Tama caught on camera.

My other "baby"
Amelie the Trouble Maker



  1. What? Mateo does not read your blog? That seems wrong. He should get on that.
    Also, I think you will appreciate that Tim brought me a French Press for my apartment within a month of us dating... and a bag of espresso.

  2. Miralax!!! LOL
    We too are fans of miralax!

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