Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Art Therapy

**I intended to post this back on 2/11, but I just kept making crafts and then life got in the way. . .so here it is, a few days late.**

The return of the Sassy Pants!
That is dear Fiona on the left.  Don't you just want to eat her up?!

Disclaimer: I enjoy being crafty, but I am not creative on my own.  I try to sew (only bags and table runners because that is all I can do) and attempt various projects, but the idea must come from a pattern. Even then, I need step-by-step directions with pictures to even understand/conceive the project. Many of my crafty creations were sparked by other people's projects.  Thank you Jessica, Becky, MOYC, & NAMC.

Doing some important reading.  She can read upside down.  She is that GOOD.

My little Angel

My therapist is a huge supporter of my sewing.  Apparently, it helps alleviate some of my anxiety. . .unless my machine is giving me attitude or I end up with jagged pieces of paper/fabric.  Then, I become peeved and frustrated.  Anyway, this concept of art as therapy is great because I can tell Andrew that I need this scrapbooking paper, fabric, scissors, etc for my mental health.  Literally, I need it :-)

Ellie preparing to build her city. . .well more like knock it down.

Building the City of Bear-Bears

Taking a break from all of that building to "snack" on a leaf.

This building is HARD work.

Last week, I have made it my coping mission to get out of the house for something fun every day.  I succeeded for the most part, but it was really hard.  Difficult, actually.  Thursday and Friday I was so close to saying "nope, I cannot, will not do it".  However, I had told my friends I would be going to the mothers' club events and I felt that I could not cancel on them last minute.  My thought is it is rude to cancel without a good reason and it is healthy for Ellie (and me) to be out and about.

The thing is, once I was out and about, I did well.  It felt GOOD to be with friends.  Plus, we were crafty!

Kids Crafts at NAMC:

Friends Getting Crafty

Contact paper, torn tissue paper, paper flowers, and glitter.

Creative Valentine's Day cards at one event.

Did I mention that I LOVE Target's $1 section?  Mailbox, glasses, etc.

Painting wine glasses at another.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE IKEA.  Oh and experimenting with Photoshop

Clearly I am not Van Gogh or Michaelangelo, yet I had a great time nonetheless.  Now, if some one could just tell me how to get the paint of my shirt. . .and pants.


On a side note, Nelda was giving 10 minute massages at one of our meetings.  It was awesome!  I could just feel the tension leaving my body and my anxiety levels dropping.  Many studies suggest that massages are good for you--they stimulate circulation and the lymphatic system.  Thus, your immune function is improved.  Plus, you feel pretty happy afterwards.  If you are interested in massages, I have Nelda's contact info.

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