Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Pure Love Give Away

As many of you know, I follow the blog "A Perfect Lily".  Many of you also know that I cry every time I read her posts.  Dear Patti is THAT moving.  She is THAT inspiring.  Patti is also the wonderful and courageous mother of Lily who posted the Worthy of Life Video (refresh the link's page to see the video) of 100 children with DS (including our Ellie Bear) in response to a comment on the article "Will Babies With Down Syndrome Slowly Disappear?"   

Since then, there has been a recap on the article which can be read here where is specifically mentions the moving video.   http://childrenshospitalblog.org/against-my-better-judgement-a-week-in-review/ 

At this point, if you watched the above video in this post, you are probably 1. sobbing and 2. wondering where am I going with this.  A Pure Love GiveAway is happening as we speak.  Many people are working hard to bring home:

NEWS Since 1st Posting:  Olga has a Forever Family Waiting!



Working to get them a full adoption grant so that they will not be placed in a mental institution.  Children in Eastern Europe with disabilities are shunned.  This includes those blessed children born with that unique extra special chromosome.  Children like my Ellie.  Imagine if my Ellie was sent to an orphanage with no love, no touch, no care.  To know that in a few years, she would be sent to live in a mental institution, never to reach her full potential.  A place where she would not thrive.  A place where she would starve to death from lack of interaction, love, and general care.  My heart breaks when I watch the video.  I am not asking you guys to hop on a plane and adopt these children, I am asking that you become aware of the situation and if you are willing, donate just a few dollars towards these beautiful children to help them find a permanent family.  Even if you are not able to donate, pass on the information.  

Visit A Perfect Lily  for more information.  She is sponsoring a Give Away--prizes such as an iPad, Nikon D90 Camera, jewelry and other giveaways.


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