Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thankfulness, "In", and Faces of Ellie

I do not have too much to say this go around.  Shocking, I know!  It has been a busy week which ended up with me hanging out in the ER on Wednesday afternoon/evening.  Not to fear.  Everything is okay. nothing was found wrong. Yet I have now bought myself an appointment with a cardiologist.  Oh goody. It seems that pesky family medical history is out to haunt me.

It feels odd. . .me going to the doctor because it is usually Ellie.  The statement I just made is not something I want to contemplate right now. . . like about the fact it is starting to seem so normal that it is my little girl who visits specialists all the time.  Little kids aren't supposed to need specialists.

It is time for: "The Many Faces of Ellie"

Why hello everyone!  I am so excited that you visited Mama blog.

I want to show you all of my molars.  They wake me up at 4am every morning.
My Daddy calls them 'iceburgs'.  Chomp. Chomp. 

This is my "carefree" look.

Ellie the Rockstar!

Yep, that is a snack trap in the photo above.  Remember back when I was working in vain to get Chicka-Boom-Boom to put things IN a bucket or bin?  Not a problem anymore.  Well, unless it involves cleaning up her toys.  Her hand will hover over the toy-box, but Ellie Bear will not drop it [toy] in.  Stubborn little Bear.  Nonetheless, I was all excited (and proud and beaming) because she figured out how to get her puffs out of the snack trap.  She would grab one and a few others would go flying out, ricocheting off of the high chair and whatnot, but still fine motor skill development!  Now she is putting the plastic egg from her play kitchen among other things into random containers and boxes.  Like how I couldn't find her shoe and it was in the diaper holder. . .  

It has been gorgeous the past few days.  As a part of battling my current depressive state, I have made it my mission to spend some time outdoors everyday.  Even if it is just for 5 minutes.  Even if it is 30 degrees like it was a few weeks ago. There is something about the sun that is so good for the soul.  I notice that it can quickly calm a Miss Cranky Pants Bear-Bear in seconds--hence the multiple trips to our mailbox to "check" for mail.  Little does the Bear know that mail doesn't arrive on Presidents' Day or Sundays.  Shhh.  I am not going to tell her.  For now, the mailbox is magical.

You see that!  It looks like she might have some reddish highlights in her hair :)

Speaking of depression, I will be writing another post on that soon.  (Previous posts can be found here. here. and here. Oh and here.)  I forgot to blog my latest Thankful Thursday. Everyone has been so unbelievably kind and supportive.  I have discovered that I am not alone in this and I would like to believe that blogging about depression and anxiety can help dissolve the unnecessary stigmas related to mental health issues.  It is a difficult topic to discuss and I know that many people have their own opinions on the matter.  

A Quick Belated Thankful Thursday:
1. That I did not have a heart attack or pulmonary embolism on Wednesday.
2. That my husband is very smart when it comes to electronics.   Like reprogramming iPhones.
3. The smell of Ellie's baby shampoo.  Instant stress release aromatherapy.  
4. Barnes & Noble
5. My household Zoo: my four-legged and two-legged lovies



  1. LOOOOVe pix of your girl!!!!! We feed our dog a million times a day to get our sunshine! I feel ya! Nothing like Vitamin D!!


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