Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Run Run As Fast As You Can. & Rolling Blackouts

Well, I figure I better hurry up and post this before it is our turn for the rolling blackout.  Goody.  Remember how it was 78 degrees and sunny the other day? We were hanging out with short sleeves and chalk?  Not even 24 hours later we hit the 20s.  Now we have a nice windchill of 2 degrees and Dallas needs our electricity. . . okay, back to the post!

You can't catch me.
I am the Ellie Bear-Bear.

Yes, I am well aware that it does not rhyme, but I never said that literature and grammar were my strong subjects.  Besides, it is late and my brain shut down a few hours ago.

She can crawl, she can stand, and she can. . .


We have a stone wall across the whole length of the living room.  It is an amazing work of architecture.  There is a fireplace in the center of the wall which we never use as this is Texas.  There is a stone hearth that also runs the length of the living room.  It is the perfect height for Ellie to cruise.  It also causes me to live in mommy fear that Ellie will fall, bonk her head, bleed, get a concussion, and slip into a coma.  Yet here I am closely watching her. . .  with the camera.

Ellie, the future mountain climber

You guessed it, she has her blanket in her mouth as she navigates the stone hearth.

Notice how she felt the need to just hang out with her blanket and stacking block. 
Perhaps she would like to rest with a cup of tea? 

Preparing for the descent.


She just snuck right in there.

Whew!  She survived the excursion.  My heart is returning back to its baseline rate.  Now Ellie is grinning and showing off one of her molars.

Next up.  Walking. . .stay tuned.


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  1. Can't wait till my daughter can do all of that! I know watch what you wish for lol.

    Yay Ellie bear, she is soooo pretty!


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