Monday, February 7, 2011

Rescued! Make A Difference

Just a few short days ago, Patti from A Perfect Lily started a Give Away.  A Pure Love GiveAway (where I blogged about the horrors of Eastern Europe institutions) to help three children through Reece's Rainbow.

Since then, enough funds have been raised for Kareen's and Olga's adoption grant.

NEWS: A Family Found Him!  
Peter's soulful eyes spoke to a family.  A family who knows that Peter is meant to be with them.  The process has started and now Peter has been moved to the "Rescued" page of Reece's Rainbow. 

Peter, still needs funds for his adoption grant.  Even just a small amount $5, $10 would help united Peter with his forever family.  Donations can be made directly through A Perfect Lily.  Allow the page to load the paypal on the sidebar.  Spread the word.  Spread the hope.  Spread the love.  Make a difference.

The GiveAway ends on 2/11 at midnight.  Prizes include iPad, giftcards, Nikon camera, etc.


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