Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dispelling the Myth-Always Happy

Lately, I frequently (as in almost daily) hear from strangers that people with Ds are always happy.  The thing is, I cannot get angry because I was guilty of having the same misconception.  However, now that I am knowledgeable, I would like to think that I can help educate others when the opportunity arises.

A complete 180 in 2 seconds.

Strangers at Target and the supermarket, park, etc look at Ellie's beautiful smiling face and say "they are always happy aren't they?"  These people with innocent intentions phrase it as a question yet when I say "nope, same feelings and emotions as everyone else." I get the strangest response "but they are always happy."  Um, okay so much for enlightening others.

Here is all that I have to say to those who doubt me:

Come over to my house between 2pm-5pm and witness Ellie staring as Miss Cranky Pants in the daily production of "The Witching Hours at the Theurer's".  Come and enjoy  Ellie's perfect imitation of Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin.  I am relative positive that just 20 minutes in my household during the aforementioned time will cure anyone of the belief that "they are always happy".

Ellie is a child just like any other 46 chromosome child.  She knows fear, separation anxiety, love, humor, pain, and most of all anger and frustration.  My Aunt Peggy had profound depression when her mother/my grandmother went to Heaven.  So, no, our blessed population of the extra special 47 chromosomes are not "always" happy.  However, I would like to think that Ellie's jovial nature come from Andrew and from the fact that she knows she is loved.

Let's end on a happy, exciting note since the previous pictures make my mommy heart cry.

Apparently I need to keep the bathroom door shut as toilet paper does not make a very fashionable boa. Nor is it fun to clean up.

I see you Amelie and Sophie.  Must be Ellie's accomplices.

My dog just cracks me up.



  1. Were you trying to take her tutu away in the one where she is wearing it and pissed? Because obviously a hot pink tutu could never make anyone make that face.
    Hot pink tutus are for bringing happiness and sparkles.

  2. I am so proud of you and Ellie! this blog is so beautiful and fun (although I know it is not easy being a special child mama), but somehow Anita, because you are so brilliant and such a hard worker, you have managed to achieve so much! and I have no doubt you will continue to do so. My heart fills with love every time I read your posts because I know you put your heart to every single day, but it also breaks my heart when you´re sad, depressed or anxious. Just know that you have a friend across the ocean who thinks about you and Ellie very much, who is very impressed with how smart you both are, and who has no doubt that this will be a lifetime story of success because God up there gave Ellie the best mom he could so she will always be in the best hands. Oh, not that I want to forget Andrew and your other four-legged children, who I am sure also contribute to all the good things that Ellie has in her life!!! kisses & hugs for all the family!


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