Monday, January 31, 2011

It's Sunny (and Warm) in Austin

Actually, in my opinion it is hot.  I know that many of you have been bombarded with snow storm after snow storm after ice storm.  All the while, we have been freaking out over temperatures in the low 50's. Gasp!  Shut down the schools everyone for we have to turn on the heat!

Okay, we are not that bad, but close.  I am not a native Texan so this pretty much cracks me up.  When I first moved down here, I was fooled.  We had an ice storm and Andrew broke my one and only snow scraper.  They do not sell those things out here.  My one and only snow scraper gone.  Andrew will never live it down.  Just like how he made fun of my snow shovel stashed in the trunk of my Corolla.

I actually come from the land of four distinct seasons year round so this lack of snow and long-sleeved, fuzzy clothing really makes me feel out of place and occasionally sad.

The past few days have hit the high 70's with dreary overcast mornings wrecking havoc on our allergies (cedar fever & mold) and clearing up to nicely sunny skies that say "It is really May and not January.".  I have finally embraced this unexpected warmth and sun and guess what? some of my depression has eased up a bit.  Sunlight anyone?

Yesterday, Andrew and I took Ellie and the Sophie dog to a park.  Sophie enjoyed all of the new scents while Ellie loved the baby swing.  Happiness and smiles galore!  Our stroller and myself have been getting a workout as well.  Yay!  No mall walking the past few days!  (I hate the mall but it does have its purpose. . .and The Coffee Beanery. . .and Gymboree).

It is like a photo shoot out here.  Look at the hair blowing in the wind.

Oh great, my kiddo eats chalk.  I am pretty sure there are no beneficial nutrients in chalk.  Pica!

Scribble Scribble Scribble
Her hair looks reddish :-)  Maybe there is some of me in there.

Who needs chalk when there are blocks and grass.  Ooh grass!  Fiber!

Today, while out with a friend I picked up some sidewalk chalk.  Her daughter is around the same age at the Bear-Bear and she mentioned how well she does with chalk.  I figured --ooh developing fine motor skills.  Um, sort of.  It turned into oral motor with some fine motor throw in there.

 She looks like Baby Drews.

A cool front is coming through Wednesday night so let's all panic as Austin hits the upper 20s.  I shall be thinking of each and every one of you sitting through your latest snow storm--praying that you have plenty of food, water, cat food (you know who you are), warm fuzzy clothes and hot cocoa.

Thanks to Karel who sent me a photo of this yarn--Ellie the Bear.  Love it!  Knit some Snuggies by the fire.


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  1. I did warn you that Grace likes to eat the chalk as well as draw with it!


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