Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mouthful of Pain

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My friend Jessica once told me in frustration that she wished we did not have teeth.  At the time, I thought it was funny and perhaps just the rantings of sleepless mommy-hood (sorry Jess!).  After the past few days, and nights, I agree.  Do we really, I mean really, need teeth?

I loathe all of the pain and suffering of our little darlings must endure as they cut teeth.  Then they lose the teeth and we as parents are required to dole out $$$ under their pillows.  Then, more teeth come.  Grown up teeth.  Cavities.  Braces. Wisdom teeth.  Removal of said wisdom teeth.  Root canals.  Or you can be like me and get an odontogenic tumor (read here).  Then there are dentures.  I am thinking that we really do not need teeth, but if say, it is absolutely necessary, there are always dentures.  Perhaps evolution should listen to the mothers everywhere who just want to ease their child's suffering.

See all of that drool?!  Take a wild guess what Ellie is getting.

Amelie was a rescue kitty that Andrew and I adopted the day after returning from our amazing honeymoon in Germany (Tama and Rodeo were not thrilled about this).  We were out of cat litter and dog food and thus made an emergency trip to the pet store.  I walked out with an adorable kitty with huge ears.  I am not allowed near a pet store again.

Anyway, where was I?  Amelie's mother was malnourished while pregnant with her litter and that can lead to all sorts of problems.  Autoimmune gingival stomatitis is something that Amelie has been fighting since birth.  One of the main treatments is the removal of the inflamed tissues of the gums and throat as well as the removal of teeth.  Amelie only has her canines left.  She is happy.  She has a luxurious, shiny, soft coat.  She eats solid foods.  She has finally gained much needed weight.  She clearly does not need teeth.


In several health articles related to DS and according to other health care providers, I was told that Ellie would teeth late. . .late as in at 2 years of age.  Ellie did teeth late.  She got her first tooth on her birthday and the 2nd tooth the day after.  A few days ago, at almost 16 months of age, a molar popped out.  Three days ago, she got her upper two front teeth and a lower incisor.  Yesterday, another molar.  Today, yet another molar.  Come on!  What is with all of the molars?  Strange teething pattern for sure.  I suppose we should be thrilled they are all coming in at once rather than stretching it out.

Hi there!  Can you see my molars?

Even though I am in the medical profession, I am not big on medications.  However, I see my little Bear-Bear crying in pain.  She is waking up in the middle of the night.  Eating isn't really happening.  I find myself thanking the Oragel inventors and shooting liquid ibuprofen and Tylenol down Ellie's throat.  It works for a while and she has a few moments of peace and sleep.  Hurray for infant analgesia!



  1. Poor Ellie! Hope she gets a break soon!

    LOVE the sock monkeys!

  2. There is a plus side to having teeth--it makes it easier to eat chocolate;-P


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