Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ellie's Fairy Godmother

Once upon a time there was a little Ellie Bearity-Bear with big blue eyes and a happy smile.  Her mommy and daddy loved (and still do) her very much.  Unbeknownst to her parents, the little Ellie Bear wanted a tutu.  A big, fluffy, pink tutu.

Upon the eve of the Princess Bear's birthday, a large box arrived from her "Aunt" Maria.  Inside was:

The little Bear is now a toddler and is still as fond of tutus as her mother is of tights.  After all, tutus and tights go together, right?  The toddler Ellie flies to St. Louis and travels through the snow and ice to meet her Special Fairy Godmother Maria.

The Fairy Godmother Maria knew exactly what was in the little Bear's heart.  She wanted a friend.  A beary bear friend with a tutu and a bow.  Just like the Ellie Bear.

Together they snuggled and laughed while mommy and daddy enjoyed a sumptuous meal created by "Auntie" Maria and her handsome Scottish Prince Tim.

Ellie Bear-Princess of the Avocado (it is just all. over. her.)f
The End.


Background: Anna met Maria back in Kindergarten.  Maria occasionally denies this as she doesn't remember the feisty Anna.  Yet, Anna has documented proof in the form of girl scout pictures that they did indeed know each other at the age of 5.  Years later, they were reunited at high school and became dear friends.  Anna was the trouble maker, of course.   Even though they do not see each other often, they can still pick up where they last left off.

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