Sunday, January 9, 2011

Miss Blue Eyes

I do not have anything to say in this post.  Shocking, I know, but there you have it.  Instead of boring you with my great ramblings, you will have to settle for pictures of Ellie Bellie Bear.

Hi Mama!  I just want to show you my big swollen gums.  All of these teeth trying to come through so that I can bite even harder.  Nom. Nom.

Mon. Mon? [Ellie's version of "mama"]  Mon Mon?  Mon. Mon??? Mon Mon!!!  Hi!

Again with the bag?  

Gangsta-Bear with her diaper hanging out.  All of these toys that are designed to be push-pull toys and she goes for the Yoga ball.  Maybe because she can lean on it?  Hey, whatever works.

This box is another therapy contraption for the development of fine motor skills.  The Bear-Bear will never work in a library like her mama.  She doesn't shelve books.  She removes them from the selves.  Jan recommended making it a "purposeful" task by having her put the books in the box.  Amelie has a different idea.

Ellie the Explorer
Child's work = play



  1. Ellie got the Learning Playhouse!! Yeah! Very nice Santa!! :) I'm sure it will provide many years of learning fun like it does in my house.

  2. I'm going to start calling you mon mon.


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