Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Hearts

I revamped this post because I wanted to share with all of you a beautiful video that again, had me sobbing as I watched it.  Yes, it is Kelle Hampton again.  I do not know how she does it but I am always crying with her most recent posts.  It Begins With Awareness.

Anna's Happy Heart Blog to Ellie Bear:
Happy Heart Bear

In motivating Ellie to walk independently towards me, Jan suggested wearing silly hats.  So when I was at Target doing my grocery shopping (it is a SuperTarget so they have produce and stuff) and Miss Ellie Bellie Bear was turning into a Miss Fuss Pants, I hit the dollar bins and found a crazy heart headband.

Oh yes, the headband must be investigated by the Puppy
There was I was wondering around the Target with a wacky headband on my head while doing shopping. I am certain that I received some interesting looks or maybe people just thought I was really into Valentine's Day, but hey, I had a nice, quiet well-behaved toddler Bear.

Care Bear = Ellie Good Heart Bear

Plus, for a dollar, I got a silly "hat" to motivate Ellie.

"What's Up?  Why are you all looking at me?"
Look!  It is working its magic heart-ness already.
Stands-With-Hearts Bear
Aunt Beth, you also deserve a lot of credit--I got the headband idea from your crazy Santa headband.  Thanks!


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  1. I almost bought that heart headband at Schnucks yesterday! I thought Ellie might get a kick out of it. Oh well . . .


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