Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Snotty, Febrile Tuesday

The Bear Bear is feeling rather punk today and that means I am having dig deep into my peds nursing background.  Did I really get my degrees that long ago?  Oh yes, I did. Okay, starting to feel rather old.  Why is it if someone else's kids are ill I know precisely what to do, but when the ill kiddo is my own bambino, I panic?

What amazes me is the Ellie Bear can be all febrile, snotty, hoarse, nasty sounding breathing, and moaning with pain and yet she still smiles?  She is such a sweet little girl and my little mommy heart just wants to absorb of her pain and make it better.  Yet, the only thing I can do is force fluids, shove Motrin and amoxicillin down her throat, and hold her.  Holding her during her moans and crying and hoping that just maybe her mama holding her will make her feel just a little better.

I do not know about you, but I rather see happy, healthy, Ellie Bear photos so here you go:

Do you see how long her hair is?

Note: We did take her to the after hours clinic at our pediatrician's office yesterday (everything always happens after 5pm, of course).  She was checked for flu which came back negative.  Thank goodness!  I would hate to think that she got the flu shot for nothing.  He wanted to check a CBC but their rapid CBC machine was malfunctioning, of course. There was a whole lot of restraining while the doctor tried looking and cleaning our her ears.  After some torture, I mean, cleaning, he was able to see just a small part of her ear drums and both looked dull and red.  Redness can be the result of crying as there is increased blood flow to the ears, but the dullness suggested possible ear infections.  Anyway, we are thinking bilateral ear infections, but it is not definitive given the small portion of the ear drums he saw.  If she is not improving by tomorrow, we get to go back to the pedi office.  Goody.

The sad thing was, she originally had her ENT appt for ear cleaning yesterday morning, but Dr. Z had to reschedule for next week.  Oh and I fear we just bought ourselves another set of tubes.  Boo!


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