Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Insulated Mildew

Rather than bombard you with sad pictures of my sick little Bearity Bear, I shall instead show you pictures of our ever so nasty master bathroom ventilation system.  Exciting huh?

Just hurts my little mama heart

Many of you know that I refuse to use the Master bath.   Yep, it is that bad.  I moved in and there was a huge mildew problem.  Oh and I think a mold problem.  Multiple, several, too many to count scrubbings using various household cleaning and homemade products did not fix it.  The cleanings made it bearable, but then I just gave up and moved into the Ducky (aka guest) bath.

I have long assumed it is because the previous owners didn't clean it.  Then because my husband who lived here before me didn't own a scrubbing brush.  Now, however, I have a strong belief that our non-functioning ventilation system played a huge role.  Do not get me wrong, I am sure the lack of scrubbing didn't help, but when the ventilation systems doesn't work in a very damp environment, the mildew and mold flourish.

Am I back to using the master bath?  Goodness no!  I do, however, want one of these new, quite, pretty ventilation systems in the ducky bath.  Drew Drew????

Clean, shiny, quiet, new, working system

One thing about buying an older house is you never know what truly went on behind the scenes.  Of course, you might find that with a new house as well.  The thing is, Andrew is a Mr. Fix-It-Right Perfectionist Holmes on Homes kind of guy.  Upon removing the nasty vent cover and hanging out in the attic, he discovered that there was insulation installed in the duct work.  Does anyone see a problem with that?

Hello nasty!  Look at all of that rust and grim.

Hum, Andrew doesn't look exactly thrilled with me taking photos

Old vent cover--covered with fiberglass insulation

Vanity--I cannot stand unorganized mess.  I hid from this area of the house the whole time.  I was completely stressed just looking at it.

Then, when checking out the wiring, he found a random live wire that went to nothing in the bathroom.  Again, problem?

He fixed all of these issues, installed the new, QUIET, WORKING system, and then . . . are you ready. . . ready. . . cleaned up.

Oh, just one more Bear Bear shot.

Bear Bear with Tylenol in her system


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