Monday, January 3, 2011

Development in the strangest of places

What do you mean I am not sitting like a lady?

Currently, as evidence by the gifts Ellie has received for Christmas, there is a huge market for really loud, noisy, light-up toys that are designed to 1. annoy parents and 2. promote development.  For the most part, I agree with both #1 and #2.  Yes, they are annoying, yet I see Ellie using the toys to practice her fine motor skills of twisting and turning knobs.  She is learning about shapes by dropping colorful balls into circular holes.  She crawls after toys with wheels further perfecting her very fast crawl.  Then there is taste.   Always taste.  Everything goes in the mouth.

However, as I am sure many parents have discovered, everyday things around the house can serve as excellent learning tools.  Tupperware is one of Ellie's favorite.  She likes to empty Gladware containers.  I am trying to convince her to put toys "in the bucket".  Nope, not happening.  Dump. dump. dump.  Throw. Bang.

Okay, yes, I know that many of you are completely grossed out by this little make-out session between dog and baby.  I, however, credit Ellie's awesome immune system to this type of interaction.

Ellie has been working hard for a while on one particular motor skills--throwing.  Sophie and Ellie have a special bond.  Sophie enjoys licking Ellie and leaving her bone right by the Bear for fetch.  Ellie must of course "taste" (antibodies!) the bone first.  On the count of three, she then throws the bone.   Well, actually it is more like a drop.  Sophie swoops in, grabs the bone, prances, shows off her bone, and then drops it again for Ellie.  Hey, my dog is getting exercise and Ellie is learning numbers 1-3 while strengthening her arm.  Andrew and I have learned to say "THROW!" when Ellie grabs something she shouldn't have. We get some strange looks at restaurants and other places, but hey, it works.

Last night Ellie discovered the cat door.  She learned that she is too big to fit through it.

Grr. The Bear will fit through this opening.

Today Ellie figured out that things besides cats, such as say, a bone can go through the cat door. . .much to Sophie's displeasure.  Bye bye bone.

Let me just drop this bone in here.



  1. Yeah, sorry. I'm afraid we are one of the guilty ones getting a noisy toy. But, it does promote development!

    PS Love the tights! ;)

  2. Thanks Chele! I love tights! We definitely appreciate the noisy toy and hey, we are guilty of buying those toys too :-)


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