Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy 16 Months!

Dear Ellie Marie,

Sixteen months ago you came into our lives and changed us for the better.  I know that many people only mark the traditional 12 and 18 months, but why not celebrate each month?  Each month you accomplish so many things.  Your sweet smile and laughing eyes bring joy to everyone around you.  Even at random places such as the grocery store line and at Hancock Fabrics you engage even the grumpiest of people.

Your determination and perseverance have enabled you to breech huge milestones.  You are now trying to spoon feed yourself.  No, it isn't very elegant and you are quite messy.  Your toddlertude is definitely shining through at times!  This past month you received almost a full set of teeth and a few stragglers are still trying to poke through.  You more consistently refer to me as "Mon Mon".  Your very first word!  You are standing for longer periods of time without holding on.  Then just recently, you took your first independent steps!

My dear Bear-Bear, you amaze me everyday and have taught me the importance of embracing the now, unconditional love, acceptance, and patience.  I love you, Ellie Bear.

Practicing her Leg Raises

Kicking those feet up.  Toddler Pilates.

Did I mention how much I love tutus?!
The following photos are just because I think it is amusing that all of my animals where captured with their tongues hanging out.
Amelie must smell chicken.  Licking those 4 little canines.
Both of these turkeys have their tongues out.
 Ha! Tama, I finally caught you on camera!


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  1. Dear Sweet Ellie Belle,
    Happy 16 mos. I love you.
    Awa Grandma


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