Monday, January 10, 2011

When I Am Not Looking

There is that old saying of you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot force it to drink.  Throughout my life, I have been able to apply that saying to many situations.  My daughter and her tenacity is one such situation.

Our developmental therapist Jan is very clever and crafty at getting Ellie to do all sorts of tasks during her therapy sessions.  We rearrange furniture, use everyday household items (boxes, yogurt containers, canned goods, etc) as tools, create letter flashcards using marker and tape, and she has innovative ideas on bath-time (you can read about that here).  Of course Ellie "performs" beautifully when Jan is around, but once the magician Jan leaves Ellie does what she wants when she wants.

After months (15 months, almost 16 to be exact) of implementing Jan's obstacle courses and whatnot, I have learned that Ellie truly is learning and absorbing all of this information even if she doesn't immediately show any outward signs of it.  For a while now we have been trying to get Ellie to stand and play. . .none of this stand, grab toy, sit and play, but rather stand and stay standing.  You guys all saw the weighted laundry basket.  You have all heard me discuss the IKEA bins.

The Infamous IKEA bin that helped Ellie sit.
Yep, had all that hair back then too.
Well, just when The Bear thinks I am not looking. . . .BAM!  Super Ellie shows off her determination and amazing skills.

Well, would you look at that?

Standing and then stooping to remove objects from a bin.  An IKEA bin, of course.  This is actually more difficult than the laundry basket as this bin is lower to the ground.  She is doing this without me tricking her or prodding her or turning it into a game. 

The Bear is getting innovative.  Tub on side + two rattles = drum
Bang! Bang! Bang!

Mon mon, I need another haircut.  While this may complete my rocker-toddler look, bangs in my eyes prevents me from seeing.
(Yes, I said "another".  This will be her 3rd bang trim)

Ellie Bear is still taking a few independent steps.  There is less trickery involved.  When she is upset about something and sees me, she just forgets and takes 2 tentative, independent steps towards me before flinging herself into my arms.  So I guess the key is to get her worked up?

I have more hair than my Dada.



  1. She is just too cute. She looks so grown up standing with that IKEA bin on end!

  2. Great job Ellie! She's like, "Oh no! She caught me! Secret's out!"


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