Monday, January 24, 2011

Musical High Chairs

Happy Monday everyone!  Our weekend was good, but keeping the Bear in a restaurant highchair is rather stressful.  She is like a little monkey determined to turn all about in the chair and causing heart attacks to both myself and Andrew.  See here for what happened recently.  I just bought the following travel booster chair.

It seemed like a dream come true with the T-strap and easy to collapse and carry about.  Wrong!  It works great for some bambinos (such as dear Gracie), but not for our little gymnast.  She did well for the first 2 minutes or so and then almost toppled sideways. Onto the floor.  Taking the table chair the booster was attached to with her.  Oh my goodness.  Oh my heart.  Oh my cortisol levels. We are now back to padding Ellie into her high chair, but not because she cannot support herself sitting.  Oh no, it is to keep her in her highchair.  No wiggle room makes it more difficult to get our of the straps.  She is like Houdini.  Have you seen her get those feet into her mouth while sitting?  The padding = the travel booster seat collapsed and stuffed behind her in the restaurant high chair.

Moving on. . .

Today was Ellie Bellie's quarterly or more than quarterly ENT [ear, nose, and throat or otorhinolaryngology] appointment.  My little darling can produce wax like a candle factory.  Wax aka cerumen is actually protective and should not be removed by anyone other than a medical professional.  You know that old saying "do not put anything smaller than you elbow in your ear"?  Well follow that. Scratch up that ear canal during the cleaning now there is a breeding ground for infection.  Or puncture the ear drum. . .

Anyway, when the wax impairs hearing, that is when it is time to visit your local ENT.  Boom Boom has tiny tiny ear canals and lots of wax.  You can just imagine what impact it has on her hearing.  Then her speech.  So we hang out with Dr. Z on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, last week Ellie ended up with a nasty ear infection and that translates to another set of ear tubes.  Surgery is this Friday.

Alright, I need some cute pics to get me past this anxiety about Friday oh and the upcoming GI appt. on Thursday.


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  1. That booster chair looked like it would be a handy thing to have. Leave it to Ellie! Love your valentine background:-)


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