Friday, January 21, 2011

Welcome to Toddlerville

Ellie: I am all sweet and innocent.  Give me anything I want.

Still do not believe I am innocent?  Look at my smile.

Little sweet cheeks is on the mend and thank you to everyone for the well wishes.  The antibiotic appears to be working, but unfortunately we are still pushing the Motrin as she wakes in the middle of the night with pain.  The good news if that we have our regular ENT appointment this Monday.

Yep, she is eating a fake carrot.
She then offered it to Sophie dog.

Okay, I admit it.  I have absolutely no idea what she is doing here.  I just think it is hilarious that she has herself splayed on top of the laundry basket with her little tootsies in the air.

Chick-a-boom's toddlertude is starting to show through.  She is trying to proclaim  the"me do" thing, but of course she adds her big smiles and happy kicks when the squealing for what she wants does not work.  For instance, it she does not get her yogurt fast enough, she yanks the spoon our of my hand and then proceeds to shake yogurt everywhere.  Or, she grabs the yogurt dish, thrusts her hands inside and then, well you know where I am going.  It is rather funny, albeit messy.  Very messy.

Chick-A-Chick-A-Boom-Boom, the fastest crawler in Texas.
We have these fake play foods and when she crawls, she leaves a trail of fake food in her wake.

Diaper changes and getting clothed are becoming rather interesting and almost impossible.  For those of you who have had the pleasure of caring for her or witnessing the above events, you know what I am talking about.  Now multiple that by 10.  Ellie inch-wormed/army crawled for the longest time.  She is now extremely fast at regular crawling.  Down the hall she goes to get toys or play with Sophie.  Without clothes on.  All the while I am chasing after her with PJs or pants.  I try to distract her with a toy, but that only works long enough to get the diaper off.  A different toy to get the diaper on. . . Maybe we should join a nudist colony and then I would not need to worry about these things.
Ellie uses me to stand a lot.  She sees the camera.  Crawls to me.  Then pulls to a stand.
My camera has trouble when the subject is THAT close.

Yes, that is my leg she is licking.  Ellie is actually giving me a kiss.
She licks because Sophie licks.  

The Bear. Must. Stand. All. The. Time.  All. The Time. Yes, yay standing!!!!, but there reaches a point where standing is dangerous such as on the changing table or in the high chair.  I remember when just a few short months ago, we were padding Ellie into the high chairs at restaurants with blankets and towels.  Now she can get out of the straps, turn around, stand, and then lean over to look at the floor.  All of this in a matter of seconds.  Ellie is that fast. This kiddo is giving me daily heart attacks.  You know about the whole incident at The Noble Pig sandwich place?  I cannot recall if I told you all.  Ellie Bear does the above and Andrew reaches across the table to grab her.  I reach across the table and in the process I knock a full, yep full, cup of coffee onto myself and the floor.  The Ellie Bear was saved, but my coffee was not.


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