Friday, December 31, 2010

Appreciating 2010 and Welcoming 2011

Happy New Year!

I do not make resolutions, but rather I try to do something better.  I have not decided what that is yet.  However, I also like to spend time reflecting over the past year.  Yes, I know that most people do that over Thanksgiving, but that lull between Christmas and New Year’s is a great time to rejoice over all of the great aspects of our lives.

  1. Drew
    1. My soulmate and love of my life
    2. For always helping even if it involves baby doo-doo
    3. For cooking
    4. For looking really hot and sexy
  2. Ellie Bear
    1. For being the daughter I always wanted
    2. For making everyone smile and brightening the world
    3. For showing such determination in facing challenges
    4. For your incessant babbling
  3. My Parents
    1. Who passed on good morals and values that I would like to instill in my family
    2. For always being there in a time of need or just to chat
  4. My brother
    1. For talking my ear off.  Finally someone who talks more than me!
    2. In seeing the way my little Ellie lights up when she sees him
    3. For visiting us even though it is a horrible flight/flights
    4. For his perseverance
  5. My awesome in-laws who accept me as one of their own and call just to talk
  6. My extended family who embraces me, Andrew, and my beautiful little girl
  7. And Friends (you know who you are)--I know that it sounds cliche but it is true
  8. Ellie turned 1yo and was able to eat a cupcake.  Oh and was able to self-feed said cupcake
  9. Sophie turned 1yo and no longer pees in the house and for her sneak-attack “kisses”
  10. Amelie turned 2yo and her autoimmune gingival stomatitis is under control
    1. That she is now mostly toothless but can still eat solid, crunchy foods
    2. That she meows with us as though she is having a conversation
  11. Tama turned 6 or 7 and didn’t kill me with her razor claws

  1. Andrew and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary in Fredericksburg, TX.  Alone.  Sans kiddo.  It was amazing.
  2. Andrew is kicking hiney at work and has received many awards--I am so proud of you!
  3. My random jaw tumor was benign
    1. The surgical aspect, not so much fun
    2. I am now afraid of the dentist
  4. Super Ellie Bear Developmental Progress
    1. Rolling over
    2. Sitting Up
    3. Sitting up in high chair & shopping cart--and now able to escape these contraptions
    4. Scooching / army crawl
    5. Holding a cup and spoon
    6. Drinking from a straw
    7. Crawling
    8. Standing
    9. Cruising
    10. Two teeth
    11. Signing some words

  1. Ellie survived her first surgery without complications
  2. Epipens-without these, I would live in fear of Ellie dying from oats.  Well, I still live in fear, but the Epipen helps
  3. Ellie’s hole in her heart closed and she can now go deep sea scuba diving
  4. Mom’s pacemaker replacement went well
  5. For the love and support that everyone showed with this past October’s Buddy Walk
    1. Go Ellie Bears!
    2. Everyone has made a difference!!!
  6. Seeing “Wicked” in NYC with my best friend
  7. Seeing “Phantom of the Opera” with my Awa,
  8. My Mother’s Clubs for their support
  9. My sewing group for their support and craftiness

  1. The Andrew gang although now I am claiming you as my own gang!
    1. Girls Night Out Adventures that keep me sane and laughing
    2. Adult conversations
    3. Pole Dancing class
    4. Deep-fried Turkey
  2. Tutus and Tights!--on Ellie, not me
  3. The ability to stay home with my child and care for her
  4. Celebrating my 1st Mother’s Day
  5. Baby Noah--I am a great Aunt!
  6. The exciting news that a dear friend of mine will have a baby this upcoming Spring
  7. Being able to spend Christmas with so many family members this year.
  8. For the rest that is in my heart. . . and for all of the other experiences that I left out.
Celebrate in Style!

Happy New Year.  May 2011 be even better.
For the people who have left this Earth, who have been called Home and will not be forgotten:

Cousin Margaret
Aunt Amilda

I apologize for the weird numbering.  It kept wanting to start over at #1 after each picture.


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