Thursday, December 16, 2010

Walking in a Hungarian Wonderland

Ellie cannot believe I managed to get shoes on her.  I cannot either.

Already removing her shoe for a taste test.  Tights!!! With Penguins!
What is both entertaining and educational at the same time?  An “Around the World” Christmas playgroup--Hungarian style! 

Notice the Hungarian flag in the background.
This beautiful wooden nutcracker will bring good luck and fortune to the home!

Yesterday Ellie was invited to a playgroup featuring Hungarian Christmas traditions.  While Ellie was a too young to understand the story of St. Nick and the stockings, I learned a great deal about Hungarian Holiday customs surrounding the Advent wreath, St. Nicholas (Mikulas), baby Jesus delivering gifts, and how to make snow. 

Several buckets of "snow" were made to fill up a kiddie pool.
What a site to be seen!!!  Many little kids in shorts and skirts dancing in a pool of snow!

Ellie got her first taste of snow.  Literally.  I allowed her to stick her hand in the snow to feel the coldness.  Of course her hand was immediately inserted into her mouth and she deemed the snow “yummy” and soothing for sore gums.

Kiddos getting crafty and then their bellies full of hot cocoa with marsh mellows.

Learning about their handmade Advent wreath.

The four candles represent the 4 weeks of Advent starting from the time of Adam and Eve, leading up to the birth of Christ.  Each candle = 1,000 years.  Pine cones symbolize rebirth and the greenery represents the "crown-of-thorns". The circular shape of the wreath is the circle with no end or God's eternity.  Click the Advent link under the photo for more info like why is there a pink candle?, etc.

Angelika’s children dressed in the traditional Hungarian clothing. 

Jaden.  Not too happy with me taking his picture.

Boots lined up along the fireplace in anticipation of coins, nuts, and fruit from St. Nicholas.

Guess with boots are Ellie's.

Jolly Old St. Nick

Look!  St. Nick delivered nuts, candy, and an orange for each child!

Well, apparently we are done for the day.

There are also “Around the World” dinners.  Andrew and I are hosting. . . can you guess?  Mexico.  Andrew has such a fine appreciation for Mexican cuisine and I cannot make anything Irish, German, or Croatia or well anything.  Andrew will be stationed in the kitchen and I will perhaps steal some decorating ideas from Angelika and my other Martha Stewart friends.


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  1. Love the penguin bottoms! Great shots Ms. Photographer!

  2. What a wonderful party! It was nice of Angelika to share her customs. I love the penguin bottoms as well:-)


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