Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Celebrations Part 2: A Missouri White Christmas

My brother Matt, who lives in Madison, Wisconsin, had to work the first half of the day before he started on his 7 hour drive down to St. Louis. 
Christmas Eve we flew out of DAL  to STL where Ellie screamed for 2/3 of the flight.  It was naptime and she discovered that she cannot flip over onto her tummy while in her carseat or in our arms.  

The Proud Grandparents at Aunt Kris' House
Matt calls my mother and is running behind.  He took a wrong exit and had to backtrack in the falling snow.  He says he will be really late to the Bruns gathering that night.

That night, we were reunited with the Bruns (aka my Father’s side) family where we met the newest addition to the family--baby Fat-Cheeks-Sweetie-Pie William, my cousin Andy's and his wife Anne’s (who happens to be a high school friend of mine) son.  

Christopher holding his nephew William
Matt calls at 10pm.  He got caught in some weather would be spending the night in a hotel 3.5 hours away from STL.  In all of that time, he only had only made half the trip.

Christmas Day was the Bruns-Theurer celebration.  The prodigal son arrived safe and sound and we had a nice relaxing day.  My parents made brisket.  Yes, I realize that we were not in Texas, but St. Louis is also known for their BBQ.  Yum.

Yep, that is my Dad in an apron.  A frilly one.
Ellie just loves her Uncle Matt

Ellie is an expert at present opening.
I forgot to mention the best part--SNOW!  Ellie got to experience snow.  She found it tasty and cold.  She continued to dunk her mittenless hand into the snow and eat it.  Then she suddenly realized just how cold it was. . . 

My Dad picked out this Precious ornament.  Get it!  A red-haired nurse like me holding a little Ellie girl!

Camera: I thought I was being all pro-photographer-like and capturing great shots at the Bruns Christmas Eve Bash.  Not. Even. Close. I did not have the camera set to allow for dim lighting and colored-light Christmas tree.  


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