Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Celebrations Part 3: Boxing Day

My father collects Santas.  Mom gives him one every year.  He has 27, I believe.

The day after Christmas, aka Boxing Day, is traditionally spent with my mother's only brother Robert and his wife Susie.
Two of my favorite girls.

Awa & Uncle Robert.  I think that Matty looks a lot like him.
Robert happens to be 20 years older than my mom and remained a bachelor until the age of 65.  Overnight, Uncle Robert went from being practically an only child to a husband of a wonderful, vibrant women with 9 grown kids, multiple grandkids, and a few great-grandkids.  He now goes by Bob.  He now owns jeans.  He looks and is smashing.

Robert, the Great Storyteller

Uncle Robert has a long history of showing up late to everything.  One time we told him Thanksgiving dinner would be served at 10:30am in hopes of having him arrive between 12noon and 1:00pm.  Then punctuality became a more normal occurrence with Aunt Sue in the picture.

It saddens me to say that Aunt Sue was not feeling well so she did not join in our Christmas celebration.  She is doing better, but please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Doesn't he look ever so fashionable?
Many of the gifts for the Bolte clan were selected with Aunt Sue in mind.  .  . that would be the gifts that I made.  The bag with fabric that just screamed "Susie!" and the table runner with their kitchen colors in it.  Robert was a good sport about it all.

Ellie Bear went all toddler happy over the large gift bag filled with tons of tissue paper.  She was like "oh I know how to open this!".

She is calling all of her friends on the toy phone.

She loves her toys, but as with any child, the gift wrap is just as much fun.

Sparkler & Smokey Joe aka fraidy cats
After 30 years of a pet-less marriage, two years ago my father surprised my mother with the adoption of a Main Coon Cat--Sparkler.  My mother grew up with Tom, her Main Coon and she had wanted another kitty since then.  A year after Sparkler, my father decided he needed a friend--Smokey.  They were petrified of Ellie.  She is scary.

My handsome brother, Matt
From the previous posts, you now know that my brother had difficulties making it to St. Louis, MO from Madison, WI.  With Matt, nothing is ever straightforward or ever easy.  As I type this (12/29), he should be half way home.  Matt woke up early this morning for his 7 hour journey home.  However, his car would not start.  Jumper cables and several attempts to start the car were made and finally Matt found his way to the car dealership where the situation could not be reproduced.  It was not the battery or some other auto-stuff.  They did figure out that his car was on the recall list for certain things (sorry I do not not have more details).  After spending most of the day at the shop, he finally got his car back and headed off into the sunset.  Pray that his car carries him safely home in a timely manner.


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